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Desktop Color: Classic White
Frame Color: Black
Adjustable Sound Dampening Panels: Color: Heather

MojoDome is an electric standing desk and solution for professional audio and video.

With a press of a button, raise the curved sound-dampening panels, adjust the LED brightness, and select your perfect desk height.

Look and sound your best on Zoom, Twitch, or other video streaming platforms. Ideal for open floor plans, podcasters, and content creators. 

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MojoDome includes an electric sit-to-stand workstation, 4 curved 12mm thick 100% PET panels and 3 magnetic cable management accessories (Cable Tray, Chain, Power Bar). The adjustable acoustical hood is shaped for maximum sound-dampening

Large order or office redesign? Avoid a remodel, maximize square footage, and increase productivity.  Contact us for bulk discounts, schedule a showroom visit HERE, and check out all our desks and accessories using our 3D Builder

As featured on ABC News, ForbesNew York Post, and FOX.  

Because of the size and weight, MojoDome ships via freight on a pallet. Shipping is free. MojoDome is self-assembly. Installation is available at an additional cost through TaskRabbit.

Each MojoDome includes an electric sit-to-stand desk, an acoustical privacy dome, dimmable LED lighting, and our magnetic cable management system (MagicSnap Cable Tray, Chain, Power Bar) that hides wires for a clean, minimalist look. 

MojoDome Desktop Surface: View Full Size PDF 

Max Size Monitor Recommendation: Desktop Fits One 32" Screen or Two 24" Screens. Does not support monitor arms.  

MojoDome Max* Standing, Sitting Heights:  View Full Size PDF 

MojoDome is designed to fit standing heights from 4' 11" - 6' 7". 

MojoDome Open Floor Plan Layout Examples: View PDF

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PET is a high-density material that is particularly effective at absorbing sound waves. The highest sound absorption coefficient is above 0.8 in the noise range of 125~4000HZ. The thickness of the panels (12mm) also contributes to their sound-absorbing capabilities. By curving the panels, the surface area is increased, which further enhances their ability to absorb sound waves.

Better sound diffusion: The curved shape of the panels helps to scatter sound waves in different directions, which reduces the amount of echo and creates a more natural-sounding environment. This is particularly important in rooms with hard surfaces, which tend to amplify sound and create a "boomy" effect.

Aesthetically pleasing: The MojoDome panels are not only functional but also visually appealing. The unique dome shape can add a modern and professional look to any workspace or home office.

Eco-friendly: PET is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, which makes the Mojo Dome panels a sustainable choice for reducing echo and improving audio quality on video calls.


Large project? Remodeling your space? Reach out to us for larger orders or simply add to your cart to see our volume discounts. Get Quote

MojoDome is sold as a self-assembly product but we offer full space planning services and installation if preferred. Request Space Planning

We have also partnered with TaskRabbit to offer economical installation services for more basic setups.  Learn More

Maximize Space vs. Remodel 

Considering an office remodel, or an all-out office move? Not so fast.

The new MojoDome workstation empowers businesses to make necessary design changes—and increase productivity—with minimal buildout. How? The MojoDome convertible workstation is uniquely designed to optimize the worker experience by:

1. placing workers, safely, in proximity to one another

2. transforming your existing open floor plan into a more productive environment

3. maximizing your existing square footage, so you need minimal buildout

Why MojoDome?

The open workspace is full of distractions that hinder productivity. 

Once in vogue for inviting collaboration and teamwork, new studies show that noise, bad lighting, and lack of privacy have taken a toll on workplace productivity—to the tune of 35-40%. Further, all this togetherness has resulted in more employees using phones and social media to communicate with their neighbors, vs. the live “face time” that had been predicted.

MojoDome is a patented all-in-one workstation that empowers each of your team members to control their respective workspaces for acoustics, physical separation, lighting, and privacy. Add that to ergonomic, sit-to-stand options at the touch of a button, and you’ve got some happy employees.  


As featured on ABC NewsForbes, and the New York Post.  MojoDome is designed and made in Colorado by our parent company Xybix, a leader in ergonomic furniture for over 30 years. 

Questions? Visit our MojoDome FAQ Page.

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The Open Office. Transformed. 

MojoDome is an all-in-one solution that lets your team control their work environment for lighting, privacy, and acoustics.  Raise or lower the dome and go from sitting to standing with a press of a button. 





Professional Audio.

Professional Audio.

Bad audio is bad for business. Multiple studies have found background noise increases stress and worsens mood in open floorplans.

MojoDome provides a premium acoustical experience, eliminating echo and decreasing background noise.

Curved panel dividers made of 12mm, 100% polyester fiber dampen and absorb background sounds in each workspace. This is the same material used by recording studios and broadcasters. 

This allows for professional sound that improves focus for the presenter as well as the client during phone or Zoom sales presentations, recording your podcast, or streaming on Twitch.

Audio Importance Study
avoid a remodel.

avoid a remodel.

Open floor plan? Avoid a move or remodel and maximize square footage while increasing productivity with MojoDome.

MojoDome is an all-in-one solution that lets your team control their work environment for social distancing, lighting, privacy, and acoustics. The desk and acoustic panels can be raised or lowered with a press of a button.

Plus, the more MojoDomes you add, the quieter your overall office becomes as each acts as a noise "catcher's mitt."

Client Shown: GradGuard (Insurance)

maximize space.

maximize space.

Noise. Privacy.These are the 2 main reasons why employees dislike open office floorplans.

MojoDome allows your organization to mazimize square footage while providing superior acoustics for professional soundng video conferences and phone calls.

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cost effective.

cost effective.

For the many businesses and call centers that will always need to be together in a shared space, MojoDome is the cost-effective, space-saving choice.

To scale for your need, MojoDome offers a DIY self-assembly package, or we can offer full-scale interior design services, courtesy of our seasoned, degreed interior designers.

MojoDome is designed and made in Colorado by our parent company Xybix, a leader in ergonomic furniture for over 30 years. 

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energy savings.

energy savings.

Traditional office lighting can be harsh and fatiguing.

MojoDome lets your employees personalize their individual environments with a desktop touch sensor that dims and customizes color temperature. This saves on energy and cost, as the building itself will need to meet only the minimum lighting NEC standards (National Electric Code).

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increase productivity.

increase productivity.

MojoDome is designed for a modern and minimalistic look. Our MagicSnap magnetic cable management system (cable tray, chain, and power bar) comes standard for a clean and sleek work environment.

Various studies have found a connection between office design and employee productivity. In fact, it’s been said that a well-designed office can increase your team’s overall productivity about 20%

Productivity Study
Concentrate. Collaborate.

Concentrate. Collaborate.

Employees can raise or lower the convertible dome around them as needed, to fit the level of concentration or collaboration needed.

The raised acoustical panels help block and control noise allowing your team to focus and avoid audio-visual disctractions. One press of a button lowers the curved privacy divider to enable quality collaboration among the group.

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Adjustable Privacy.

Adjustable Privacy.

Sometimes, your employees just need a bit of separation between their co-workers. The noise dampening panels can adjust from fully overhead, to partially raised(as shown), to simply a short divider depending on their needs.

The curved acoustic paneling will decrease visual and audio distraction at all levels, increasing productivity and comfort.

make it personal.

make it personal.

The dome can be raised all the way up or down or stop at any level in between using hand control on the left side.

Finding correct ergonomic sitting or standing height is key to a comfortable and productive workday. Each employee can save their perfect level using the hand control on the right hand side. Then, one touch automatically adjusts the desk.

Return to Work Safely Social Distancing Open Office MojoDome Privacy Booth

upgrade today.

In summary, MojoDome includes an electric sit-to-stand desk, adjustable acoustical privacy dome, dimmable LED lighting, and a magnetic cable management system.

Optional upgrades include matching mobile storage cabinets, electric solutions, space planning, and installation.

Transform your open office today!

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MojoDesk has been featured or reviewed by Forbes, New York Post, Buzzfeed, ABC News, Fox