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Comparing MojoDesk to Fully Jarvis Bamboo 

Choosing the right desk for your work and gaming needs can make or break your daily productivity and comfort. When comparing the MojoDesk with the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk (by Fully), don’t skimp on key features that might seem unimportant initially.

We’ve compared the two standing desks side-by-side for critical features that will improve your daily working experience with a feature breakdown, video review, and comparison chart summary at the end of the article. 

Pictured: MojoDesk 48x30" Cubicle 

Standing Desk American Oak Top against brick wall with beveled front edge for wrist comfort


The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is available from 30" wide - 78" wide, in a rectangular shape with straight edges on all sides.  For this review, in the text section of the article we are comparing our  48 x 30 MojoDesk Cubicle without any additional accessories to only the Jarvis Bamboo 48 x 30 standing desk option which is the closest comparable item in size, shape, specs, and price. All images and specs on the comparison chart reflect this information. 

Additionally, our updated 2021 video below compares the Jarvis Bamboo 48x30 to our MojoDesk Organic Curve.  All other specs and features remain the same except for the desktop shape itself which has curves on all sides.  



Beveled Desktop Front Edge

Injuries to bones and tendons in hands accounted for 21 percent of all reported workplace hand injuries in 2017, according to OSHA. That's because squared-off desk edges increase the bend in your wrist, especially with prolonged or repetitive motions. The front edges of the MojoDesk are beveled to prevent chafing and irritation as the wrist and arms move back and forth during the workday.

The front edges of the Jarvis Bamboo desk on the standard version are squared off, and this is one area their standing desk loses points. 

You can, however, upgrade to an ergonomic Jarvis front edge for $20.  

Pictured: MojoDesk 48x30 Solo Cube 

 Pictured:  MojoDesk Cubicle - Desktop Style: Obsidian Oak
Compare Standing Desks - Fully

Leg and Feet Stability 

Don’t underestimate the role of stability in your new desk. The MojoDesk is centered on its feet (T-Shape) to provide a great center of gravity. And it’s constructed to eliminate any rocking or tilting forward and backwards. 

MojoDesk: Legs 2 3/4 Inches Wide, Feet: 3 1/2 Inches Wide

The legs of the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk are thinner and are positioned rearward on the feet (L-Shape) which can increase the risk of tipping and more wobble.

Jarvis Frame: Legs 2 inches Wide, Feet 3 Inches Wide

Pictured:  Jarvis Bamboo - Legs/Feet (Side View)

Compare Standing Desks - Fully


Exceeds BIFMA Standards

MojoDesk’s distinctive design and construction exceeds national standards for durability, stability and safety established by BIFMA (the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association). BIFMA carries a lot of weight in the business furniture world.

If the Fully Jarvis Bamboo DOES meet BIFMA standards, you’d think the company would highlight and mention this on the Jarvis Bamboo product page. When going through all the tabs (Overview, Options & Accessories, Specifications), we did not find this information. 

MojoDesk has a page dedicated to our BIFMA testing on our standing desks and a full report you can download HERE.


Collision Detection & Tip Sensor

The best electric desks, including the MojoDesk, have collision detection and a tip sensor that halts and slightly reverses the motion of an adjustable desk when it makes contact with another object. This avoids costly damage to both the desk and the objects. If the Jarvis Bamboo sit-stand desk has this feature, it is not highlighted on the product page when toggling through the tabs on their product page. 


Hand Control with 4 Pre-Sets

MojoDesk comes with a hand-held controller with four (4) pre-sets and an LED number display to adjust the desk height. The Fully Jarvis comes with a hand controller and up/down toggle only. It you want a control with pre-sets and an LED display you will need to upgrade and it will set you back another $35.

Pictured:  MojoDesk Pre-Set Hand Control (Standard, No Fee)
Compare Standing Desks


Picture: Full Jarvis Pre-Set Hand Control (+ $35 Fee)

Fully Jarvis Hand Control $35 Fee

Environmentally Friendly

The UL Greenguard Certification Program should be considered a requirement when choosing any piece of office furniture because great indoor air quality is critical to providing a healthy and safe work environment. 

MojoDesk takes the extra step to Greenguard certify our ENTIRE desk, not just the desktop, from the top to bottom. See our certification and testing HERE.  

In addition, we are focused on sustainability with our manufacturing process. To see our team in action at our Denver factory, please visit our How Mojo is Made page.  

Price & Shipping

Jarvis Bamboo 48x30 Cost (Prices from Fully website of January 2021)

48X30 BASE PRICE: $629





MojoDesk 48X30 Cubicle Cost



Additionally, you can also upgrade to a 48 or 60" MojoDesk Organic Curve for less than the Fully Bamboo 48x30.  This is shown in our video review.  

48x30: $619 + FREE SHIPPING

60X30: $699 + FREE SHIPPING

Return Policy

Finally, every MojoDesk comes with a 60-day no-risk Love Mojo trial and free return shipping should you decide to return your MojoDesk for any reason. Take your time and really put our desk to the test. 

Per the information detailed on Fully's return page on their website, they offer a "30 day risk free return policy." It is unclear who is responsible for return shipping cost as this is not mentioned.  

MojoDesk Reviews

When it comes to making an apples-to-apples comparison between MojoDesk and the Jarvis Bamboo—or any of our other top competitors—we strive to make the data clear and easy to understand. You can see all these specs for our 48x30 MojoDesk cubicle version vs. the Jarvis Laminate 48x27 version summarized using our MojoDesk vs. Jarvis Bamboo Comparison Chart.

Need more proof of the MojoDesk advantage? Hear what our happy customers have to say, along with industry experts in gaming and ergonomics. You’ll find MojoDesk is the superior choice in both features and cost over the Jarvis Laminate desk.

Compare Standing Desks - MojoDesk

Selection of Desktop Shapes

While we are comparing our 48x30 MojoDesk cubicle desk to the 48x30 Jarvis Bamboo, we do want to mention our other options. 

Our bodies move naturally in curves, not hard angles. MojoDesk features a unique curved shape for a “wraparound effect” that optimizes desk space, minimizes unnecessary reaching, and adds to the ergonomic comfort of the MojoDesk experience.

In addition, MojoDesk comes in three distinct shapes to match the user’s work environment. There’s even an L-shaped standing desk designed to fit in corners.


Pictured: MojoDesk Executive (L-Shaped) 
Compare Standing Desks - MojoDesk
L Shape Corner Standing Desk with Storage


To see how MojoDesk stacks up again other sit-to-stand desks, please see the following articles: 



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Compare MojoDesk vs. Jarvis Bamboo by Fully

2021 Jarvis Bamboo Desk Feature Review

Full Sit to Stand Desk NOT a Desktop Converter

Adjustable Height Range

4-Preset Hand Control, digital readout

Desktops contoured in front for wrist comfort

Greenguard Certified

Built to BIFMA Standards

Tip Prevention Sensor

60 Day NO RISK Trial
Free US Shipping (Lower 48)
2020 Sit-to-Stand Desk Price (48"W)
MojoDesk 48x30 Cubicle
24" - 49.8"
5 Years Desktop + Frame
Jarvis Bamboo 48x30
24.5" - 50" w/$20 Upgrade
$35 Upgrade
$20 Upgrade
Not Mentioned
Not Mentioned
5 Years Desktop, 10 Years Frame
$704 = $629 base plus upgrades listed
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