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Compare MojoDesk vs. Fully Jarvis Laminate

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2019 Fully Jarvis Desk Feature Review

Full Sit to Stand Desk NOT a Desktop Converter

Adjustable Height Range

4-Preset Hand Control, digital readout

Desktops contoured in front for wrist comfort

ENTIRE DESK is Greenguard Certified

Built to National Ergonomic Standards

Tip Prevention Sensor

60 Day NO RISK Trial - Return Shipping Covered
5 YEAR Warranty
Free US Shipping (Lower 48)
2019 Sit-to-Stand Desk Price (48"x30")
24" - 51"
Fully Jarvis Laminate
25"- 50"

Comparing MojoDesk and Jarvis Desk Models


This article will look at the MojoDesk standing desk in comparison with the Jarvis desk model - "Fully Jarvis Laminate" standing desk.  As always, a wise shopper will compare products to determine which is the better value.

Pictured: MojoDesk Executive (L-Shaped) 
Compare Standing Desks - MojoDesk


Selection of Desktop Shapes

Right up front, we see that the MojoDesk comes in three distinct shapes to match the users working environment. There’s even one shaped to fit in a corner...left or right side.

The unique curved shape of the MojoDesk gives the user that wrapped around effect, adding to the comfort of the MojoDesk experience.

The Fully Jarvis Laminate comes in only one shape---rectangular.

Beveled Desktop Front Edge

The front edges of the MojoDesk are beveled to prevent the risk of chaffing and irritation as the wrist and arms move back and forth during the workday.

Fully Jarvis Laminate's leading edges are squared off.

 Pictured:  MojoDesk Cubicle - Desktop Style: Obsidian Oak
Compare Standing Desks - Fully

Leg and Feet Stability 

An additional first-glance reveal is in the positioning of the legs of the desk. 

The MojoDesk is centered on its feet to provide a great center-of-balance. It’s constructed to eliminate the potential to rock or tilt forward or backward.

The legs of the Fully Jarvis Laminate are positioned rearward on the feet and offer an opportunity to tip easily. The legs are also thinner.  

Pictured:  Full Jarvis Standing Desk Legs/Feet (Side View)

Compare Standing Desks - Fully


Exceeds BIFMA Standards

The distinct MojoDesk construction has exceeded BIFMA (Business-Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) standards for durability, stability and safety.  

The Fully Jarvis Laminate does not this listed on their website. 

Collision Detection

And, as an added feature, the MojoDesk provides a tip sensor to stop the motion of the desk in the event of an unsafe condition.

...the Jarvis desk has no such device.

Hand Control with 4 Pre-Sets

MojoDesk provides a  hand-held controller with 4 pre-sets and an LED number display to adjust the desk height.

For the Jarvis, only a hand controller with an up/down switch is included.  A control with pre-sets and an LED display is an add-on... for a $35 fee.

Pictured:  MojoDesk Pre-Set Hand Control (Standard, No Fee)
Compare Standing Desks


Picture: Full Jarvis Pre-Set Hand Control (+ $35 Fee)

Fully Jarvis Hand Control $35 Fee

Environmentally Friendly

MojoDesk takes the extra step to Greenguard the entire desk, top to bottom, for a volatile organic chemical-free (VOC) product.

Only the desktop itself is protected on the Fully Jarvis Laminate.

Return Policy

Finally, MojoDesk offers a 60-day no-risk trial with free return shipping with every desk they sell (both ways).

Jarvis offers a limited 30-day, money-back return policy.

MojoDesk Reviews

Besides this comparison, a quick Google search for MojoDesk reviews will find postive customer reviews on YouTube and on top gaming desk review sites. 

In Comparison, MojoDesk is the better choice over the Fully Jarvis Laminate

Undoubtedly, when shopping, and it’s your money involved, one will look closely at all the details and specifics to ensure that what they buy is worth every penny spent. 

This comparison demonstrates that MojoDesk clearly provides a better-valued product. 

To visit our store, or see how MojoDesk stacks up to other sit-to-stand desks, please read the following articles. 


Pictured:  MojoDesk - Cubicle - Aspen White 

Compare Standing Desks - MojoDesk


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