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MojoDesk versus Uplift Laminate V2 Standing Desk Review

If you are comparison shopping for a standing desk to improve your comfort and health throughout your workday, you are already making a smart decision.  And you want the best. As such, we understand there are many MojoDesk competitors out there such as the Uplift V2, and it is vital that you are picking the one with the best quality build and features especially for big ticket items.

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Often a manufacturer will rest on its laurels and assume their name will be the deciding factor for most shoppers. That’s where the competition can achieve the advantage BUT, by focusing on the details,  a seasoned shopper like yourself can make the best decision for your well being.  


Uplift V2 Desk Review vs. MojoDesk - Woodgrain Desk Shown



Side-by-Side Electric Adjustable Desk Comparion

Both the MojoDesk Solo and the Uplift V2 come in a 48 X 30-inch desktop. But a quick look at some of the details can and should make a difference in your decision-making process.

We have full comparison charts and articles on how MojoDesk stacks up to other sit-to-stand desks. Besides UpLift, please see the following articles for more standing desk research. 

Beveled Desktop 

The leading (front) edges of the Solo are beveled to provide a contoured edge for wrist and forearm comfort: The edges of the Uplift Laminate are not contoured for comfort.


Uplift V2 Desk Review - MojoDesk Shown


Greenguard Certification - Entire Sit-Stand Desk

The entire MojoDesk standing desk---frame and all---is Greenguard Certified to reduce VOC emissions in the work environment: Only the Uplift Laminate desktop itself is protected.

Adjustable Height Frame Stability

In designing the frame for the MojoDesk, the legs were centered to provide maximum balance; reducing any tendency to tip or rock: The Uplift Laminate legs are rearward on the feet creating a potential to rock or topple.

4 Position Hand Control 

A 4-position memory hand-controller is standard with each MojoDesk standing desk: With the Uplift Laminate, the hand-controller is a $35 add-on.


Electric Standing Desk Hand Control


60 Day Return Policy 

MojoDesk offers a 60-day NO RISK guarantee with return shipping paid: Not so with the Uplift Laminate.

Company History 

MojoDesk and its parent company, Xybix, are the national leaders in ergonomically designed and constructed workstations for 28 years. All of their products lead the industry in ergo-friendliness.


All MojoDesk standing desks are built and shipped from environmentally friendly Colorado, USA.


The MojoDesk Solo starts at $499—considerably less than the basic Uplift Laminate at $630.

MojoDesk Standing Desk Reviews

OK. We've stacked MojoDesk against Uplift but what about reviews? To validate our claims, a quick Google search for MojoDesk reviews will find positive customer reviews on YouTube and on top electric sit-to-stand desk review sites.

Thanks for taking the time to analyze all aspects and details of our standing desk, important when making a key purchase. 

We at MojoDesk are confident that our products do, in fact, stand out from the rest when all things are considered. 


Compare MojoDesk to Uplift Laminate

Compare MojoDesk vs. Uplift Laminate

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2019 Uplift Laminate Feature Review

Full Sit to Stand Desk NOT a Desktop Converter

Adjustable Height Range

4-Preset Hand Control, digital readout

Desktops contoured in front for wrist comfort

ENTIRE DESK is Greenguard Certified

Built to National Ergonomic Standards

Tip Prevention Sensor

60 Day NO RISK Trial - Return Shipping Covered
5 YEAR Warranty
Free US Shipping (Lower 48)
2019 Sit-to-Stand Desk Price (48"x30")
24" - 51"
Uplift Laminate
24”- 51”
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