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MojoDesk and the Environment: Focused on Sustainability

MojoDesk cares about sustainability and the environment

There are three key principles that MojoDesk, the leader in electric adjustable height desks, stands behind:



Environmental Stewardship

The very nature of the MojoDesk sit-to-stand desks define the principles of ergonomics.

So, let’s consider the other two--- Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship.


A short definition of sustainability is the capacity to endure.
Sustainability can also be defined as the continuing effort or process (behavior) of meeting the needs of current consumers without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Environmentally this means utilizing resources in a manner that ensures the next generation, and subsequent generations can have the same resources at their disposal to meet their demands.
A very simplistic explanation would be; if you use a resource---replace it…cut down a tree---then plant one to take its place!

MojoDesk Supports FSC Guidelines

In manufacturing, this principle is especially significant. Manufacturing, by default, is the business of expending resources to create something new.
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) establishes worldwide standards for responsible forest management and an FSC certification guarantees that the wood purchased by a manufacturer comes from responsibly managed forests that deliver social, economic and environmental returns.
Therefore, all wood used in every MojoDesk product is sourced from companies who comply with and are certified by the FSC.
The FSC is an international non-profit organization committed to the responsible management of forests throughout the world. Today, there are over 380 million acres of forest certified by the FSC, with 150 million acres of forest lands located within the U.S. and Canada.

Recycle/Reclaimed Materials

Another process that MojoDesk utilizes in support of sustainability in their manufacturing is the use of recycled or reclaimed wood.
Only top-quality reclaimed wood is used. It must meet the requirements outlined in the Recycled Content Standard, V7.0 established by SCS Global Services, an international leader in third-party certification and the development of science-based standards for environmental sustainability.
The wood products used by MojoDesk display the SCS authorized Certified Recycled Content label that assures the manufacturer that the product is a minimum 92% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber content.

Environmental Stewardship

Manufacturing while minimizing waste = fewer resources required for production.
This practice is manifested in the manufacturing techniques at MojoDesk. The machines in the processing line are programmed to optimize each square inch of each board processed to maximize total yield while minimizing waste. Each piece of lumber is utilized to its fullest capacity…without waste
Environmental stewardship encompasses the principle of sustainability and applies to the actions taken by the manufacturer to act environmentally responsible.

Greenguard Certified

All MojoDesk desktops are GREENGUARD Certified.
So, what is a GREENGUARD Certification?
First of all, the quality of indoor air is directly linked to health. Because of this, it is an important concern in homes, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions that come from furnishings and other indoor materials are a primary source of indoor air pollution.
GREENGUARD Certification is a widely adopted and trusted standard for identifying and labeling low-emitting VOC products such as desks, tables, baby cribs, and so on. In fact, more than 400 green building codes, standards, guidelines, procurement policies, and rating systems give credit for GREENGUARD Certified products.
GREENGUARD Certification guarantees that a product complies with some of the industry’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOCs into indoor air.

Solar Power

Another act of stewardship displayed by MojoDesk is their use of renewable energy to power their manufacturing facility. 65% of the power used to run the factory is derived from solar energy.
The use of solar energy to power the facility is a clean, emission-free way to utilize renewable energy and to preserve natural resources which in turn benefits the environment by helping to reduce greenhouse gases around the world and to enhance sustainability---future generations profit from their actions today!

Electric Power

Another commitment to being environmentally responsible by MojoDesk is seen in the fact that they provide a docking station at the factory for recharging electric vehicles driven by their employees and by customers visiting the showroom.
Even the owner of MojoDesk drives an electric car…it’s a total commitment to environmental stewardship!


mojodesk environmentally sustainable products

MojoDesk Focused On Sustainable Practices

Keeping the environment in mind throughout the manufacturing process is a critical component to the MojoDesk mission. Healthy living transcends many aspects of life, not just the food you eat or workout routine. As MojoDesk raises up the standard of home office, gaming environments, and small office settings, the company continues to drive for excellence in its responsibility to the environment. 

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