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For the smart shopper who looks hard at a purchase before committing, we have complied comparison reviews of the MojoDesk electric sit-to-stand desk and other available options. Below are links for full reviews as well as an updated 2020 comparison chart at the end of the article that lines up specifications, price, and features of other brands side-by-side.  

Standing Desk shown up position blue wall

MojoDesk vs. Varidesk

Both MojoDesk and Varidesk offer a full sit-to-stand desk that meets BIFMA stability requirements, comes with a 5-year warranty, and offers free shipping to the lower 48--but the similarities end there. If you’re looking for stability and safety up to 300 pounds (vs. 200-250 with the other guys), MojoDesk is the clear choice. 

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MojoDesk vs. Uplift

Looking for the most environmentally friendly stand-up desk? Look for a workstation option that is fully Greenguard-certified to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions into the air. Found in many everyday products and processes, VOCs can put your health at risk and create air pollution. 

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Standing Desk Shown 2020 model with storage


MojoDesk vs. Fully

The devil is in the details when it comes to building a comfortable workspace--one where you'll likely spend endless hours. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right features, like a desk shape that suits your work environment and contoured edges for wrist comfort. 

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MojoDesk vs. IKEA Bekant 

Ergonomic comfort during long sessions of work or gaming is top priority. In addition to the damage that passionate keyboard users inflict upon the sit-to-stand desk itself, gamers and workers are also punishing their own hands and wrists. Both comfort and stability were key factors in comparing MojoDesk with the IKEA Bekant standing desk side-by-side.

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MojoDesk vs. SmartDesk 2

Whether you’re 4’11” or 6’6”, size matters when it comes to choosing the right standing desk. MojoDesk has the greatest height-adjustability on the market today, to deliver the best in health and comfort for users of all shapes and sizes. From reducing and preventing back problems to improving circulation, alternately sitting and standing improves both health and productivity.    

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Comparison Chart Details and Spec Sources

  1. A desktop converter such is an adjustable height workstation that sits on top of your existing desk. It is manual, with limited positions that click into place. The keyboard and area for a screen are placed at different levels.  
  2. Height Range refers to the lowest and highest position the desk frame allows. MojoDesk adjusts to the perfect ergonomic position for someone 4'11" all the way to 6'6" - sitting or standing. 
  3. Our UL Greenguard Certification on all our desks tells you that the ENTIRE DESK, not just the laminate worksurface,  has been independently tested and meet one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world. See our certificate HERE.
  4. MojoDesk has been tested by independent labs and is certified to meet compliance standards for durability, stability and safety standards from BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association). Additionally, at our headquarters, we ran MojoDesk’s frame up/down for 20,000 cycles with 300lbs on the desktop to test its durability. Seriously, we did this. It took 3 months running 24 hours a day.
  5. A tip prevention sensor is a safety sensor that automatically stops the frame from moving by detecting a collision. It senses both a hard or soft surface. 

Note:  All specifications sourced from competitor website specification pages as of January, 2020.

Sources: Autonomous, Fully, UpLift, Varidesk



Compare Standing Desks

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Full Sit to Stand Desk NOT a Desktop Converter1

Standing Desk Height Range2

Desktops contoured in front for wrist comfort

ENTIRE DESK is Greenguard Certified3

Commercial Grade, meets BIFMA stability requirements4

Built to National Ergonomic Standards

Tip Prevention Sensor5

4-Preset Hand Control, digital readout
Standing Desks made at US factory headquarters
60 Day NO RISK Trial - Return Shipping Covered
5 YEAR Warranty
Free US Shipping (Lower 48)
2020 Sit-to-Stand Desk Price (48"x30")
24" - 51"
25" - 51"
$450 (+$49 shipping)
Fully Jarvis Laminate
25" - 50"
+ $35
UpLift Laminate
25" - 51"
+ $35
Varidesk ProDesk
25.5"- 50.5"
3 presets
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