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Mojo Gamer Pro - Standing Gaming Desk

Frame Color
Black Base
Gray Base
Desktop Color
Matte Lux Black
Matte Lux Charcoal
Classic White
Carbon Fiber

Mojo Gamer Pro is our premium sit-to-stand gaming desk bundle. It includes 5 accessories at a 20% discount vs. buying separately. 

Accessory Bundle: Monitor Arm, CPU Tower hanger, and our magnetic cable management system (MagicSnap Tray, Chain, PowerBar).

Cubicle rectangular sizes indicated above will fit in 48", 60" or 72" wide spaces with finger clearance. Actual widths: 45.5", 57.5", 69.5" 


Meet the best standing gaming desk - Mojo Gamer Pro by MojoDesk, a height-adjustable eSports computer desk with 5 accessories. Sit. Stand. Win. Mojo Gamer Pro is bundled with a monitor arm, CPU Tower Hanger, and 3 cable management accessories at a 20%  discount vs. buying separately. 

Is a standing desk good for gaming? Also, what gaming desk do streamers use?

Mojo Gamer Pro is recommended by top Twitch and YouTube gaming streamers such as GLADD and Aztecross Gaming.  Mojo Gamer Pro allows you to set your perfect height and ergonomic position with a push of a button. And yes, a standing desk is good for gaming and essential for your health. It fights fatigue whether you're a casual or professional eSports gamer. Our stand-up desk keeps you moving and energetic. 

Matte Lux, is our new ultra-soft desktop surface designed for gaming. It is available in Black and Charcoal. (Carbon Fiber has been discontinued) 

Matte Lux has a sleek look that’s great for mouse tracking and compliments your gaming gear. And it prevents distracting reflections from any LEDs in your setup. 

Classic White, like our Matte Lux, is an extremely durable laminate surface that is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and scratch-proof, safe from energy drinks, snacks, and smartwatch bands. A mouse pad will be needed.  

Gamer Desk Accessories Included: Monitor Arm, CPU Tower Hanger, Cable Chain, Power Bar, Cable Tray

For more details please see the specs tab below. 


Need more options? Use our MyMojo Builder to build a custom gaming desk. 


As of 8/1/2020, we are now offering Matte Lux, a new premium desktop surface that will take your game to the next level.  It is available in Black and Charcoal.  

  • Ultra-soft surface guarantees precision mouse tracking
  • Anti-glare matte finish prevents distracting reflections from any LEDs in your setup
  • Extremely durable laminate surface is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and scratch proof, safe from energy drinks, snacks, and smartwatch bands
  • Sleek design complements all your gaming gear

Classic White, like our Matte Lux, is an extremely durable laminate surface that is smooth but not soft-touch. A mouse pad will be needed.  


What is a good size for a gaming desk?

It really comes down to how much gear you have, how many screens, and the constraints of your gaming space.  MojoDesk offers a size range that fits into a 48, 60 or 72-inch wide space with clearance on both sides.

See the specs below and see our WILL IT FIT? blog for more details and creative space planning ideas. 

Ergonomic PC Gaming Desk Sizes

Fits Office Spaces: 48" W x 30" D, 60" W x 30" D, 72" W x 30" D

Actual Desktop Width to fit in 48, 60 or 72 space: 45.5", 57.5", 69.5"

Width between each leg/foot under the desk (to plan for storage, mats, etc.)

48x30: 37.25" 
60x30:  49.25"
72x30: 51.25"

Details and Dimensions PDF

All Height Adjustable Gaming Desk Frames

Steel, Choice of Black or Gray - Weight Lifting Capacity: 300 lbs (BIFMA Tested)
3 Stage Electric Powered Telescoping Legs - Dual Motor -1 per leg
Range from 24" - 50.25" H (Suitable for heights of 4'11" - 6'6")
Desk Height Control: LED Display, 4 Programmable Presets
Safety Motion Sensor (Stops if a child or pet underneath)

In the eSports Gaming Desk Bundle Box

MojoDesk eSports Gaming Desktop
Steel Frame, Height Control, Motion Sensor, Hardware

Included PC Gamer Desk Accessories: 

Monitor Arm  (16599)  (Color: Silver - w/ ports for a microphone, audio, and USB)

CPU Tower Hanger (15894-HP)

MagicSnap Cable Chain (15896)

MagicSnap Power Bar (15898)

MagicSnap Cable Tray (15899-SM-ASM) 

Good to Know: 

All desktops are sourced from responsibly managed forests, are UL GreenGuard certified, and exceed safety and stability requirements set by BIFMA. 

Ultimate Gamer Desk Setup 

Detailed instructions for the gaming desk setup and accessories are included in the box or you can view or download at LEARN > INSTRUCTIONS.




Please take a look at the gaming desk reviews (updated: 2021) of MojoDesk - our Mojo Gamer Pro version - at the links below. 

"Game changer" -  GLADD (Twitch)

"Helps with my back pain" - Aztecross Gaming (YouTube) 

"Premium desk bundle" - High Ground Gaming

"Fantastic cable management." - Geeks Life 

"Wobble-free" - Start Standing



Mojo Gamer Pro ships at no additional cost via Fed Ex Ground. 

Note:  Your standing eSports gamer desk will arrive in 5 boxes. The desk itself (3 boxes - Desktop, Frame, Feet) and the accessories (2 boxes).   

No Risk: 60 Day "Love Mojo or Return" Trial. We cover shipping both ways. How can we do this? Because we know you'll love it.

Warranty: 5 year warranty on frame, mechanical, and electrical components.

Learn More: Full Warranty & Return Policy Details


MojoDesk has partnered with TaskRabbit to provide our customers with an affordable and top-rated desk assembly service option. And a discount code for $10 off (for first-time users) is included in your shipping confirmation email. 

Detailed assembly instructions are available for all MojoDesk models and accessories in the box and on our instruction page HERE.  Alternatively, you can choose TaskRabbit’s assembly service.

For more info, see our TaskRabbit FAQ page. 


Are you a pro gamer? Looking for bulk pricing for your new eSports arena or team? Our best eSports gamer standing desk is available in bulk to take you to the next level.

Request a Bulk Pricing Discount for our sit-to-stand gaming desks. 




Includes 5 Accessories.

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