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MAGicSnap 6 Outlet Power Bar


Hate wires? So do we. But there they are - hanging all over the place, taunting you. They may even be multiplying.

The MAGicSnap 6 Outlet Power Bar is one of the several solutions we offer that puts those pesky cables in their proper place: out of view. Snaps into place using magnet magic on the back of your MojoDesk.

Imagine needing to charge your devices at once - phone, tablet, and your Bluetooth headphones. On top of that, the extra monitors on your desk take extra power sources as well. But where do all those plugs go? On a standing desk they need to be up hight and more convenient. This is one of the best features of the MAGicSnap 6 Outlet Power Bar.

Affix this power bar on the side of your MojoDesk electric standing desk to not only accommodate the adjustable-height differential but to make your office space (and life) more organized and convenient.

Tip: Pairs well with our MAGicSnap Cable Tray and MojoDesk MAGicSnap Cable Chain.



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