MojoDome FAQ

What is MojoDome and what is included?

MojoDome is an all-in-one workspace solution for lighting, privacy, and acoustics. It is intended for businesses that are looking to easily remodel to maximize square footage or move into a new space and minimize the need for buildout.  

MojoDome includes an electric sit-to-stand desk, acoustical privacy dome, dimmable LED lighting, optional CPU Tower hanger, and a cable management system that connects desk-to-desk for a clean look. 

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The privacy dome is designed to maximize acoustical absorption for professional sounding phone/video calls and helps your team focus when it is raised, and collaborate when it is lowered. The desk and dome rises and lowers with a press of a button.

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When is MojoDome available?

MojoDome ships February 2021. 

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Where can I buy MojoDome?

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What material is the Dome made of?

The dome itself is made of 12mm thick 100% polyester fiber panels shaped for maximum acoustical absorption. 

Describe the lighting setup.  

The dome has a dimmable LED light strip which is controlled with a touch sensor on the desk surface.  Each user can pick their level of brightness in their workspace so the building itself only needs the minimal required lighting. 


Do you have a MojoDome dealer program?

We sell MojoDesk direct on our website.  For our MojoDome product, we are considering a program.

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What is the price? Do you offer quantity discounts?

We are determining business pricing that includes a range of services including DIY and complete installation and space planning services. 

A full list of options with quantity discounts will be released soon. 

This information will be added to our site, or to find out first, please join our list for updates HERE. 

Can I pre-order with a discount?

We will be providing the option to pre-order with a discount soon.  Please join our interest list HERE.

What are the dimensions of the dome and desktop?

Please download the specs at the following links.  

MojoDome Desktop Surface: View PDF

MojoDome Max* Standing, Sitting Heights:  View PDF

* MojoDome is designed to fit sitting and standing heights of 5' to 6'7" 



How many sizes do you offer? 

Currently we offer one size that fits in a 60" wide space.  

Please download the specs at the following links.  

MojoDome Desktop Surface: View PDF

MojoDome Max* Standing, Sitting Heights:  View PDF

How Many Monitor Screens Fit in the Dome?

It will fit two standard 24 inch monitor screens side-by-side. The depth of the desktop is designed for ergonomic focal distance. For reference, our pictures show it with one 32" screen. 

Please download the desktop specs at the following links.  

MojoDome Desktop Surface: View PDF

Do you offer design services and space planning? 

Yes, Our team of interior designers are experienced professionals with degrees in Interior Design. If you want this service, your project will be assigned a dedicated designer who will work with you from start to finish.  

Can I buy just the dome?   

No. MojoDome is sold as a complete set only. 

What is the warranty and return policy? 

MojoDome comes with a 15 year warranty.  Please see the warranty and return policy details HERE.

What colors are offered for the dome and desktop? 

Currently we are offering a white desktop and neutral gray/white dome. More colors and options will be available later. 

What storage options do you offer?

We will be offering a mobile pedestal (shown on the right of the MojoDome below). We also offer design services for custom storage.  

What is your customer service phone number?

Phone: 800.297.6656


Where are you located and do you have a showroom? 

Our factory and admin office is located in Littleton, CO which is just South of Denver.  Learn more and request a visit to our showroom at our ABOUT PAGE.

Phone: 800.297.6656

Address: 8207 SouthPark Circle, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 9-5 (MST) Monday - Friday