August 10, 2022

REVIEW: Compare ROOM Office Phone Booth to MojoDome

REVIEW: Compare ROOM Office Phone Booth to MojoDome

ROOM Phone Booth Review | Privacy Pod Comparison vs. MojoDome

At first glance, MojoDome and the Room Phone Booth look like competitors. They have a futuristic feel, and they are both working to remedy the noise, distractions and lack of privacy created by modern-day open office spaces. MojoDome provides a flexible solution with a spacious sit-stand desk and retractable dome that provides for lighting, privacy and acoustics. The Room Phone Booth also provides for lighting, privacy and acoustics—without providing any meaningful space or comfort to accomplish work. Which one will enhance productivity? Read on for details.  

MojoDome man standing in front of standing desk pod

Elbow Room 

We Americans love our personal space—in fact, up to 5% of us are claustrophobic. The MojoDome’s 60-inch footprint and 7 1/4 foot tall clamshell dome offers the space and privacy we crave along with the freedom to talk with our hands, take yoga breaks and do a little jig in an open space.  

Within the enclosed space of the Room Phone Booth, you get about 3 square feet of space to don your cape and tackles your sales calls, PowerPoints and personal business. On the plus side, unless your last name is Bol, the 87.5 inches of height should be plenty.  

Room Phone Booth


Monitor Envy 

CPUs may be getting smaller but monitors are getting bigger—plus, dual monitors increase productivityMojoDome offers a CPU tower hanger and s 43 deep x 58-inch wide desktop that easily accommodates a large 36 inch screen or two standard 24-inch monitors placed with ergonomic and focal distance considerations. A cable management system keeps all those cords tidy as well. 



Privacy acoustic pod with monitor


The Room Phone Booth, meanwhile, offers up a 31.5-inch shelf corner shelf which is large enough for propping up a smartphone, tablet, or TV dinner. So there's that. 

TV Dinner


Stand in the Place Where You Live… 

A lot of us feel like we live at the office. That usually means a lot of sitting. But with the MojoDesk desk, you can literally Stand in the Place Where You Live. Just press a button and the dome raises with the desktop. Kick that chair out of the way until your legs tire, and raise or lower the dome as needed.  

The Room Phone Booth’s desktop is designed for you to stand, but you can’t really live in the little space.  


Light It Up 

Poor lighting can hurt productivity by causing headaches, eye strain and more. But the definition of “good lighting” is both personal and job specific. The MojoDome accommodates individual needs and preferences with a dimmable LED light strip controlled by a touch sensor on the desk.  

The Room Phone Booth offers an overhead LED light strip for viewing inside the enclosed space. 

Noise Canceling 

Constant exposure to noise and interruptions can harm productivity and wellness. The MojoDome is designed to block out surrounding sound while ensuring professional sounding phone and video calls from within the space. The 12mm thick 100% polyester fiber panels are shaped for maximum acoustical absorption. Unfortunately, the dome doesn’t have quite enough mojo to stop coworkers from “wandering by” and listening in—so do be prepared to step outside or into the stairwell when privacy is paramount.  

Nothing says privacy like a closed door. The Room Phone Booth’s 1.6-inch thick walls of plastic materials and breathable wool will give you the privacy you need for seriously sensitive calls.   


Capacity & Collaboration 

The MojoDome is designed for one person at a time. But the beauty of it is the convertible nature. Maybe you and your next-door neighbor need to chat about a problem. Two domes down. Maybe you’re on a deadline and everyone around you is reliving last night’s game. Dome up. Stand-up meeting for the department? Birthday cake time? All domes down. The MojoDome converts your open plan office space into an “open as needed” space.   

The Room Phone Booth accommodates one person at a time and offers no opportunity for in-person collaboration or engagement.  

Room Phone Booth


Bonus: Social Distancing! 

The MojoDome features built-in social distancing while the Room Phone Booth offers plenty of enclosed space for germs to grow. Cleaning is key for both.  



Assemble & Install 

MojoDome offers flexible plans to suit your needs, from do-it-yourself kits to full-space planning and installation from our experienced interior designers. With the Room Phone Booth, it’s not quite DIY as the assembly calls for “Two people, one tool, and under one hour.” 

Try Before You Buy & Warranty 

It’s not likely that your 2020 budget anticipated the need for social distancing in your open plan office. To ensure that MojoDome is right for you, try it out for 60 days and return it if you don’t like it. After that, our five-year warranty protects your investment. 

The Room Phone Booth features a 100-day trial period and two-year warranty.

A Smart Investment 

For $3,895, if purchasing the Room Phone Booth, you can give people a box to stand in. The box has power, ports and plugs. It has a fan and magnet board, and thankfully it meets fire safety requirements. But it’s still a box.  

With MojoDome, you can maintain all the good parts of an open workspace—the opportunities for engagement and collaboration—while still providing quiet and privacy, social distancing, and wellness benefits that jumpstarts creativity Plus it's a sit-to-stand desk! 

Learn more about MojoDome.  Read our FAQ and check our product page HERE. 


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