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MojoDome Acoustical Privacy Pod Standing Desk Bundle


MojoDesk Launches MojoDome, an Adjustable Privacy Pod and Standing Desk Bundle Designed to Help Employees Return to the Open Office 

MojoDome is an All-In-One Solution for Social Distancing, Acoustics and Privacy

DENVER, February 17, 2021 – MojoDesk, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture solutions, today announces the expansion of its product suite to include MojoDome, an electric sit-to-stand desk bundled with an adjustable privacy dome. The MojoDome is purpose-built for focused work or collaboration, offering a scalable, safe and flexible alternative to the traditional office design. The workstation is now available for pre-order at a $500 discount at   

“With 30 years of experience helping 24/7 organizations like NASA and 911 call centers create a healthier environment for their workers, we knew COVID would present unique challenges in bringing employees back to the popular open office setting in a safe way,” said Barry Carson, co-founder and president of MojoDesk and parent company Xybix. “MojoDome was originally designed to eliminate echo and decrease background noise so employees could have professional sounding video and phone calls while also offering privacy and avoiding distractions. It now has the additional benefit of providing a physical barrier and social distancing between co-workers. Instead of employers spending an arm and a leg on office renovations, MojoDome maximizes square footage while providing peace of mind to employees re-entering the open workplace.” 

MojoDome incorporates many benefits for both employers and employees, including:  

  • Adjustable Privacy: With a press of a button, the sleek dome can adjust from fully overhead, to partially raised, to a simple panel divider. When raised, the dome offers a spacious workspace for concentration and allows collaboration when lowered.   
  • Superior Acoustics: The dome is made of 12mm, 100% polyester fiber that dampens and absorbs background noise in each workspace. This is the same material used by recording studios and broadcasters. The curved acoustical panels eliminate echo for professional sound quality during phone calls and video conferences. The more MojoDomes an office has, the quieter the work environment becomes as each dome acts as a noise "catcher's mitt."  
  • Personalization and Ergonomics: The adjustable height desk can be programmed for the ideal ergonomic position, both sitting and standing, key to a comfortable and productive workday. The commercial-grade frame accommodates a height range of 4’11” to 6’6”. 


  • Individual Lighting: Traditional office lighting can be harsh and fatiguing. Employees can select their perfect level of brightness using the dimmable LED lights within the dome.  
  • Existing Space Cost Savings: For existing spaces, MojoDome provides significant cost savings for employers in respect to maximizing square footage in an open floor plan and the fixed construction costs that accompany meeting required social distancing regulations.  
  • New Space Cost Savings: MojoDome’s acoustical and lighting features allow the flexibility of using a new, unfinished space with minimal buildout. This eliminates the need for soundproofing construction, fixed walls or cubicles. Additionally, it significantly lowers energy expense, as the building needs to only meet the minimum lighting NEC standards (National Electric Code).  
  • Style, Safety, Sustainability: Crafted with sustainability and ergonomics in mind, MojoDome has contoured front edges for maximum wrist comfort, and each desktop is manufactured at MojoDesk’s Denver factory with UL Greenguard certified 3D laminate for a healthy work environment. There are 12 options of desktop finishes to match any office decor. For safety, MojoDome is engineered with tip and collision detection and features a magnetic cable management system to prevent trip hazards and provide a clean, minimalistic look.  
  • DIY or Installation: MojoDesk offers a self-assembly version that includes free shipping or full-scale space planning and installation services, courtesy of the team’s seasoned, degreed interior designers.  

MojoDome includes an electric sit-to-stand desk, adjustable acoustical privacy dome, dimmable LED lighting and a magnetic cable management system. The dome is not sold separately. Optional upgrades include matching mobile storage cabinets, side tables and electric solutions 

Pricing for MojoDome starts at $2,999.99, and those who pre-order before April 30, 2021 will receive a $500 discount per unit and free shipping. Pre-ordered units will ship in April/May 2021. For additional details, learn more at 

About MojoDesk: 

MojoDesk ( creates ergonomic solutions to increase wellness and productivity. Our line of sit-to-stand desks are made in Colorado at our Denver headquarters, factory and showroom. MojoDesk's flagship products include Mojo Gamer Pro, our gaming desk bundle, and Mojo Solo Cube, our top reviewed and affordable electric standing desk. MojoDesk is the eCommerce division of Xybix, an industry-leading manufacturer of adjustable-height workstations and consoles for 24/7, mission-critical operations. For over 30 years, Xybix has designed and installed sit-to-stand furniture for NASA, the FBI, hospitals and thousands of 911 call centers.  

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