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Kinesiology and Standing Desks (Videos)

If you haven’t used a sit to stand desk before, it’s a great transition. Suddenly, you’re going to have more energy throughout the day because you’re finally going to be able to move and get your big muscle groups activated. If you’re tired of sitting, stand. If you’re tired of standing, sit. The important thing is that you’re changing positions throughout the day.

Our videos will summarize the health benefits and features of using an ergonomically correct adjustable height standing desk. The Department of Kinesiology recommends using the sit-to-stand ratio of 3:1 throughout your workday.  Studies have found that an adjustable height standing desk increases concentration, productivity. Our bodies need to stay active, move.


Health Benefits of Sit to Stand Desks

Did you know sitting for long periods of time increases risk of heart disease, diabetes, decreases in productivity and more? Some are calling it the new smoking. We’re now learning that our compounded sitting is not only a danger to our efficiency, but traditional desks have long-term effects on our bodies, our health, and our functionality.

You Spend 2000 Hours a Year Sitting at Work

How much time do you spend at your current desk? 40, 50, 60 hours a week? That is, at a minimum, 2000 hours a year. This fundamental flaw of the traditional desk has created a serious problem for us, but now you have a choice. Your work time does not have to be lost time, time hurting your health. As working responsibilities necessitate that you be at a desk, you don’t have to be sitting the entire time. You can choose to sit, stand, move, and be healthy. You can choose a height, adjustable, ergonomic desk.

A Standing Desk is part of the Solution

MojoDesk is a desk that is personalized for your body and can help flip the script on these dangers. Standing for a few intermittent hours a day will limit the risk and detrimental effects of sitting. Increase your productivity, improve your energy, mood, and well-being at the end of the day. You want your job to support your healthy lifestyle, not hinder it, right? You can do what’s right for your health. You can take care of yourself. You have the choice to work different and MojoDesk is here to help.