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Mojo Gamer Pro

Standing PC Gamer Desk Description

Mojo Gamer Pro, by MojoDesk, is our 2021 top reviewed adjustable height standing eSports computer gaming desk with 5 accessories. Sit. Stand. Win. Mojo Gamer Pro is bundled with a monitor arm, CPU Hanger and cable management accessories at a $100+ discount vs. buying separately. Adjust our standing desk to your perfect height and ergonomic position with a push of a button. A sit to stand gaming desk is essential for your health whether you're a casual or professional eSports gamer. Our stand up desk keeps you moving, comfortable, and energetic. 

Accessories Included: Monitor Arm, CPU Hanger, MagicSnap Cable Tray, Chain, Power Bar.

Need more - or less - accessories? Use our MyMojo Builder instead to customize yours.


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