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Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned that the transition from sitting all day to standing all day will not work for me. Do you have suggestions for a gradual transition?

Standing all day has as many negative aspects as does sitting. Mojo Desk is a true sit to stand desk which is designed to properly accommodate a wide range of different size people – from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male user.
Our recommendation is to gradually ease into working in a standing position by starting out in a standing position and changing to sitting whenever you become even slightly uncomfortable standing. Depending on many factors such as fitness level, age, medical issues, etc. you could gradually move into working in a standing position more than 50% of the time. The key is MOVEMENT – postural rotation between seated and standing.  Additionally, a Mayo Clinic study saw an 18% increase in energy expenditure using an ergonomic chair, like MOVE, vs. a standard office chair. To learn more about the MOVE chair visit our product page HERE.

What are the exact dimension specs for each size and style?

Cubicle Rectangle Specs: PDF

Organic Curved Rectangular Specs: PDF

L-Shape Straight Corner Specs: PDF

L-Shape Organic Curved Corner Specs: PDF

What is the difference between MojoDesk and other adjustable height standing desks?

Please see our standing desk comparison chart HERE.

I am considering the purchase of a “desk converter” to change my existing desk into a standing desk. What do I need to know?

First, measure the distance from the floor to the top of your existing desk. If it is greater than 28” adding a converter will turn it into a stand only desk unless you are 6’3” or taller. Fixed height desks are designed to fit the 95th percentile seated male user, so putting a converter on top of it will render it a poor ergonomic solution for seated work. Consider a true sit to stand desk with an adjustment range of 24” – 50” so you can get the benefits associated with MOVEMENT regardless of your size.

Compare Sit Stand Desks

You talk about “built to commercial standards” specifically referencing BIFMA, what is that all about?

BIFMA stands for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association – an office furniture trade industry association comprised of the large (Billion$+) office furniture manufacturers and many smaller organizations as well.

Manufacturers volunteer engineers for specific committees, and they jointly develop test procedures that measure structural integrity and durability regardless of the joinery or assembly or materials used in construction. Mojo Desks are designed, manufactured and tested to BIFMA standards by independent test labs.

We not only claim compliance – we prove it!!

You stress safety and I agree! Could you explain why Mojo Desk’s collision detection is better than the others?

Mojo Desk uses an extra cost accelerometer to precisely monitor any minute change in the orientation or velocity of the top and stops immediately upon encountering any obstruction. Mojo Desk’s collision detection works equally well in either up or down direction.

The standard collision detection that comes with other tables will not react to a collision with something soft – like your leg or a chair – and easily tip the table and its contents onto the floor.

I notice that you don’t offer a keyboard platform – why?

Most keyboard platforms are small and wobbly. They need to be adjusted manually by the user and generally are seldom used once the “newness” wears off. The reason for keyboard platforms was to achieve neutral wrist alignment which can be achieved through proper height adjustment of your MojoDesk.

You sell an anti-fatigue mat. What are the benefits?

Mojo Desk is a sit to stand desk with an adjustment range of 24” – 50”. It is intended to promote postural rotation - the change from seated to standing work. When you feel even the slightest discomfort while standing hit your preset memory button and your Mojo Desk will automatically stop at your personal optimal seated posture. We recommend a minimum change rate of at least once per hour with no specific time working in either position.

With that said, adding a standing desk mat keeps your feet and body comfortable while you stand. This is especially helpful if you are rocking high heels or some slick looking dress shoes that are made more for looks than comfort. But a standing marathon is not advised; always change positions. You can learn more and purchase our Mojo Comfort Mat HERE. 

When will my desk arrive?

It takes about 5 business days to arrive. 

Where is MojoDesk made and where does it ship from?

MojoDesk is made and shipped from our factory and company headquarters in Littleton, CO.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE.  

How many boxes will I expect at my doorstep?  And how much does it weigh?

MojoDesk ships in 3 boxes: Desktop, Frame, Legs. For the steel frame, we recommend having some help move it as it weighs 60+ pounds. Combined weight for the smallest desk is 125 pounds total. 

Do you ship to my country?

Shipping is free and we currently ship to the US in the lower 48.Canada, Hawaii or Alaska? Please email us at for a custom shipping quote. As far as the rest of the world we still need to work it out.  

How long does it take setup and what is involved?

It takes 30-45 minutes. All tools are included with well thought out instructions. MojoDesk is the simplest assembly for sit-to-desks. The desktop comes with pre-drilled holes and the legs extend into place right out of the box. Watch our Mojo Unboxed video to see the setup in action and our customer video tutorial examples for more info.

Can I get a PDF of the instructions to check them out? 

Yes. Our desk and accessory instructions are available to view or download HERE.  

How do I attach the MAGicSnap cable management accessories?  

Simple. No tools needed. Using the power of magnets they simply snap onto the steel frame. This includes our Cable Tray, Cable Chain, and Powerbar. See our full accessory selection HERE

You really emphasize ergonomics, Greenguard, and safety. Where can I learn more?

Great question! Hears a quick summary. MojoDesk meets national ergonomic standards. It has been tested for stability and safety. One of these tests involves  20,000 up/down cycles with hundreds of pounds on the desktop. It meets Greenguard requirements for VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals). Check out our certifications and PDFs of the full tests at these links. 

Ergonomics 101

Greenguard Certification

BIFMA Safety and Stability Testing

Do you offer bulk order discounts? My company needs a quote. 

Great decision! We can give you a quote for a MojoDesk bulk order or our design team can make workstations to fit your specific office setup. Our company has been making custom ergonomic solutions for businesses since 1991. Request a quote and learn more HERE.

Do you have a showroom? Can I see MojoDesk in person?

Yes. If you live in the Denver area, you’re in luck. We have a showroom in our Littleton, CO factory. Just give us a call to arrange a time at 303.683.5656 or email us at  Tip: We are located across the street from 4 brand new hotels if you would like to use us an excuse to take a business trip and then go skiing.  

What is the warranty?

Yes, 5 years. Plus MojoDesk is commercial grade and are used 24/7 by our business customers such as NASA, Fire Departments, and thousands of 911 call centers. In short, they are built to handle higher usage (up, down, stress, and stability tests) and made for the long run.

Can I return MojoDesk if I don't love it?  

While this is highly unlikely as MojoDesk is awesome - Yes. We take returns on desks and accessories within 30 days of purchase. 

Can I call or email someone for pre-sales or support questions? 

You can call our human customer service team located in Littleton, CO at 800.297.6656 or email us. Our hours are 9-5 MT Monday-Friday. 

Does MojoDesk have an Affiliate Program?

Yes! The MOJODESK AFFILIATE PROGRAM allows approved websites to link to our website and begin earning commissions on clickthrough sales. You can apply, read FAQ or log in to your existing account HERE.

I'm sold! How can I buy a MojoDesk immediately, if not sooner?

Let's do this: BUY NOW

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