Will a Standing Desk Help my Back Pain?

Will a Standing Desk Help my Back Pain?

Will a standing desk help my back pain?

Yes.  A study by the CDC found that standing desks reduce back pain by 54 percent along with the bonus of feeling happier throughout the workday. MojoDesk has been designed to standing desk national ergonomic standards along with function and beauty in mind.  

What could be better than having beauty and function in your workspace every day? It’s all part of getting your Mojo rising while you work and create.

Should I use an ergonomic chair with my standing desk to help with back pain?

Yes. In addition, the addition of an ergonomic chair can also help. One top reviewed active and ergonomic chair is the MOVEAccording to this article Wayne Stokers, MD* Lumbar states that spine issues “are starting to explode as people sit in a chair all day”. So much so that Americans are using $50 Billion each year on lower back pain alone (NYU Physician Vol. 64, Fall 2012).


Will a standing desk help my back pain?

Equipment and environment play a big role in your happiness and we’ve designed MojoDesk with that in mind. We believe you can – and should – have it all. We use 3D lamination, the newest surface manufacturing technique. And all desks are Greenguard certified. This process allows for creative, functional organic shapes in a wide array of finishes from abstracts to beautiful woodgrains. If you prefer, we even have a high tech carbon fiber look.

The seamless design eliminates sharp edges and gives MojoDesk a sleek look.  In summary, MojoDesk's design options - L-shape corner, cubicle and more - along with exceeding all ergonomic standards is a standing desk that will help with your back pain along with other health benefits.


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