Standing Desk Bundles

Bundles: Desk + Accessories Description

Improve your workspace and save with our current MojoDesk standing desk bundle deals!   Sale pricing is already applied on all items listed in this collection. 

This is our popular "Desk Bundles" collection. These options include our electric standing desk bundled at a discount with cable management, mobile storage cabinets, and even an adjustable acoustic privacy pod. 

Need different accessories? Use our MyMojo Builder to customize, or check out our Accessories section that includes cable management, mobile storage cabinets, chairs, and task lights.



Gaming Desk Bundles  

Mojo Gamer Pro is our top-reviewed gaming standing desk bundle with 5 accessories.

PC Battlestation is our corner gaming desk with optimal screen placement and depth. 

Mojo Bundle

Mojo Bundles include your choice of a standing desk + 2 cable management accessories, perfect for a laptop setup. 


MojoDome: Desk + Acoustic Panels + 3 Accessories

Mojo WorkSpace

Mojo Workspaces includes your choice of a standing desk and a matching mobile storage cabinet. 

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