MojoDome: Desk + Soundproofing + 3 Accessories

About MojoDome

MojoDome is an electric standing desk and solution for professional audio and video. With a press of a button, raise the curved sound-dampening panels, adjust the LED brightness, and select your perfect desk height. Look and sound your best on Zoom, Twitch, or other video streaming platforms. Ideal for open floor plans, podcasters, and content creators. VIEW: 3D / 360

Avoid a complete remodel and maximize space with MojoDome. As featured on ABC News and Forbes and made by our parent company Xybix, a leader in ergonomic furniture for over 30 years.

Why MojoDome?

Once in vogue for inviting collaboration and teamwork, new studies show that noise, bad lighting, and lack of privacy have taken a toll on workplace productivity—to the tune of 35-40%. Further, all this togetherness has resulted in more employees using phones and social media to communicate with their neighbors, vs. the live “face time” that had been predicted.

MojoDome is a patented all-in-one workstation that empowers each of your team members to control their respective workspaces for acoustics, physical separation, lighting, and privacy. Add that to ergonomic, sit-to-stand options at the touch of a button, and you’ve got some happy employees.

MojoDome: Desk + Soundproofing + 3 Accessories Non Epicor MojoDome
Classic White
Matte Lux Charcoal
Matte Lux Black
Carbon Fiber
American Oak
Weathered Oak
Obsidian Oak