January 18, 2024

The MojoDesk Gamer Pro Standing Gaming Desk

Best PC Gaming Desk 2021

MojoDesk sit-to-stand gaming desk is the leader in gaming desks.

There’s more than one reason gamers choose the MojoDesk Gamer Pro gaming desk. Many satisfied customers and product reviewers agree that that the MojoDesk Gamer Pro hits all the top criteria of an excellent choice: built for gamers, designed with premium materials, and provides a healthier gaming environment.

1/18/24: Update: We also have a new gaming desk version called the PC Battlestation. It has a curved front edge, 33.5" deep, can fit 3 screens with optimal placement, and go i in the corner or flat against the wall.  

PC Battlestation - Cornber Gaming Desk

Gamer Desk Spec Comparison Chart

Best eSports Desk

Designed with the gamer in mind, the MojoDesk Gamer Pro takes into consideration every aspect of the gaming experience. Unlike its competitors, the Gamer Pro exceeds expectations in user experience and hardware support. The ability to set the height to any player’s size as well as the lack of keyboard bounce gives a seamless gaming environment.

Mojo Gamer Pro Standing Desk includes a monitor arm as one of 5 accessories

Why MojoDesk is the Best Computer Desk

MojoDesk’s Gamer Pro’ssteel frame construction and solid-core desktop were tested rigorously for stability and durability. At all heights under varying loads, the Gamer Pro was thoroughly tested according toANSI/BIFMA standards and successfully endured a stringent ten-step testing process to earn a prestigious thumbs-up certification.

Studies show the health benefits gained from standing for much of the day as opposed to sitting. The many hours that gamers spend sitting in front of their game consoles or PCs can be as damaging as those spent sitting in a cubicle at the job. Gamers can benefit from a height-adjustable gaming desk in the same way that everyone else does.

Soft touch surface of Mojo Gamer Pro standing desk is perfect for mouse tracking combined with an ergonomic front edge


Mojo Gamer Pro: Rated top standing desk for gamers 2024

IGN gave Mojo Gamer Pro a 9/10 score and describes it as "build like a tank." High Ground Gaming gave the MojoDesk Gamer Pro received an 8.8 out 10 in its' 2024 guide.  It is also rated #1 bystartstanding.com on its stability, durability, ability to be customized to fit a player’s needs, and its ergonomics.

Please visit our Standing Desk Comparision section (updated for 2024) for full video breakdowns of MojoDesk's stability, worksurface, and features. We have also complied media and customer MojoDesk reviews and pictures HERE.

mojodesk gamer pro standing gaming desk

Is a Standing Desk Good For Gaming?

In short, yes.  But what are the features to look for in the best sit-to-stand gaming desk? Most importantly, the desk must be adjustable. Not just adjustable to a few selected heights as some competitor desks are designed. This desk must have a full range of motion for any required height. A 6-foot tall player will have a different comfort-zone than a player at 5’4”.Adjustability


The Mojo Gamer Pro ranges from 24” to 50 ¼” in desktop height which is perfect for gamers who are short (4’11”) to tall (6’6”). 

Stability and Durability

Desk stability is a key feature. Gaming involves a lot of movement and the desk should not wobble and teeter about when used. The MojoDesk Gamer Pro gaming desk has no keyboard bounce. This is also a critical feature to remove any negative response to pounding on the keys. Stable and sturdy are features essential to the gamer because a shaky platform could hamper a winning performance.

Space - Variety of eSports Desk Sizes

A large work surface for all the gamer’s accessories (and snacks, of course) is an absolute necessity. And along with that, the ability to maintain an uncluttered surface is an appealing feature too.

The Mojo Gamer Pro comes in three sizes;48x27”, 60x27”, and 72x30”. Also included are five additional accessories to help create a functional and clutter-free desktop.

Mojo Gamer Pro includes magnetic cable management to keep cords hidden and clutter free.


The Gamer Pro comes with a monitor arm and CPU hanger for keeping those items secured and out of the way. Also included are the MAGicSnapcable management chain, tray and power bar. These items provide premium cable and gear management.

CPU Tower Hanger is includedes to maximize desktop space with MojoDesk's Mojo Gamer Pro standing desk bundle

Additional features

Many of the other conveniences that make the MojoDesk Mojo Gamer Prothe best choice are;

    • A laminated surface that serves as both a mousepad and protection from spills (soaking into the desktop). The front edge is beveled to protect the wrist and forearm, for hours of irritation-free gaming.
    • Preprogramming to desired heights. With just the press of a button, the 3-stage electric-powered telescoping legs will easily and quietly raise the desk to a predetermined height for standing - or lower it back to a sitting position.
    • And a safety motion sensor will immediately stop the movement of the desk if it comes in contact with an object, such as a child or pet.


MojoDesk’s parent companyXybixhas been in the desk building business for over 30 years, manufacturing quality, long-lasting sit to stand desks.The MojoDesk Gamer Pro comes in a variety of modern, sleek desktop styles.  Discover why the MojoDesk Gamer Pro is the premium choice in gaming desks.

Mojo Gamer Pro shown with white desktop starting at $879.99