MojoDesk Feature Summary Video

Standing Desk Health Benefit Video

At MojoDesk, we are obsessed with workplace health. Your job should support your active lifestyle, not hinder it. An ergonomically correct sit-to-stand desk is a big factor in your well-being.

Work Shouldn't Hurt.

A traditional desk is a flawed concept; you likely sit 2,000 hours a year at your office in the wrong position, wrong angle, and distance from your screen. Hunched posture like this can lead to back pain, eye strain, and weight gain.

Adjustable Height Desktop Converters are NOT the Answer.

Desktop converters are also flawed and often times ergonomically incorrect when sitting, as a converter does nothing to solve these issues, and the problems remain.

Meet MojoDesk.

MojoDesk is a true standing desk built to current ergonomic standards, keeping you perfectly aligned, comfortable, productive, and awesome.

Certified Awesome.

MojoDesk is built in Colorado and GREENGUARD certified. Our customers include NASA, the FBI, and thousands of 911 centers. MojoDesk exceeds all BIFMA commercial safety and performance standards.

Choose to work different.

Do what’s right for your health. Unleash your work superpowers and get your Mojo back with MojoDesk.