September 30, 2020

The Right Desk for Online School and Built to Last

The Right Desk for Online School and Built to Last

Imagine the great Toilet Paper Riots of 2020 supplanted by Desk Riots.  

Toilet Paper Riots

Shortage of Desks

That’s right, now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re facing a shortage of desks.Millions of people are attending (or teaching) online school, and there’s no desks to be found at IKEA, Target and the like.  There are articles of people cobbling together desk-like things with cinder blocks and boards. 


Cinder Block Desk - Desk Shortage 2020

This is a good time to take a step back and ask yourself, “Why am I looking for a cheap table type desk anyway?” Online school is likely here for months to come, and homework is not going
away. Why spend a couple hundred on a temporary solution when you can spend a little more
to invest in a quality adjustable desk that takes you to college and beyond? 

What to Look for in a Sit-Stand Desk

• A small enough footprint to fit in a bedroom or dorm room

• A push-button sit-stand option to keep you alert and moving

• A motion sensor for safely raising and lowering the desk with children and pets

Child standing at standing desk

• Certified ergonomic design that prevents body pains

• Easy-to-clean desktop surface that withstands pens and peanut butter alike

• Space to hold a laptop or tablet today and a full gaming setup in a few years

• Easy assembly and warranty that guarantees all components

• A 60-day trial period to ensure that you love it


Affordable Sit Stand Desk

Teen Friendly Desk Features

Ask a teenager what they do—and don’t—like about desks they’ve worked at, and you get an earful. Three hot topics: the desk edge, the desktop and the cables. You may be looking for a desk for your 10-year-old right now, but they grow up fast.

“That seam on the front edge snagged my Lulu T. And it hurts.” Desks made with a curved, beveled edge not only prevent snags to your $100 Ts and sore forearms, but they also are easier to keep clean. As the seam deteriorates it catches crumbs and coffee drinks, breeding germs. No seam, no problem. The beveled edge provides ergonomic benefits as well, although teens may not appreciate this until they get a little older.

“My cords got all tangled up and knocked over my Caramel Frappuccino, and now I have no caffeine for my cram session.” Phone charger, tablet charger, keyboard and mouse cords, laptop charger, controller for late-night Fortnite? That’s a lot of cords ready to tangle and topple your desktop contents. Look for a desk with cable management features.

Another thing teens have learned to care about is how their products are made. They want their things manufactured in a sustainable way with recycled materials and fair labor practices—and they’re happy to nag their parents to spend money that way. Look for a made-in-the USA desk manufacturer that values people and the environment. 

Top Reviewed + Affordable Sit-Stand Desk

Take a look at our electric adjustable height MojoDesk Solo, compare it to other sit-stand options, and see how easy it is to assemble and operate. Plus, if you choose Affirm during checkout you pay over time with as low as 0% interest.  And shipping is free.  

Put down the cinder blocks and learn more HERE.  

Child sitting in front of Sit to Stand Desk
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