Sitting & Standing Benefits

Varier MOVE Chair

The Best Ergonomic Chair for the Modern Work Environment 

A Mayo Clinic study saw an 18% increase in energy expenditure using an ergonomic chair, like the Varier MOVE chair, vs. a standard office chair. 

The Varier Moveis a classic. It was designed in the 80s as the best ergonomic chair for nonconventional sitting. It has a distinct design that is not only recognizable, but also functional. It provides your body support for continuous movement Move is an ideal work chair and complements the MojoDesk adjustable height desk.  

Varier's Mission 

Varier's mission is to challenge our our sedentary lifestyle of sitting for 8 hours or more at work coupled with countless hours at home. 

Our bodies are designed to be active. In fact, Dr. Levine of the Mayo Clinic was the first to name and measure something called N.E.A.T. It stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and is a measure of the activity you engage in during work and leisure time (outside of exercise). By increasing your N.E.A.T., you can stave off chronic disease and burn more calories.

You can increase your N.E.A.T. at work by changing positions from sit-to-stand every 30 minutes. That’s why I love that Mojo Desk is a true sit-to-stand desk built with active ergonomics in mind.

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics before. But you may not have heard of ACTIVE ergonomics. Active ergonomics is the new standard for healthy works paces. This is when a healthy work posture is achieved by engaging your own muscles of the spine and core.

Traditional task chairs with lumbar support and armrests actually hinder your ability to be strong and injury free because the core muscles that stack and protect the spine begin to atrophy (or get smaller).

Standing at a workstation is a better position for spinal alignment than sitting, but muscles become fatigued after a while leading to cocked hips, leaning, and poor posture.

Having an option like the Varier Move active stool that is N.E.A.T. certified allows you to use your Mojo desk to its full potential so you can fidget throughout the day and keep your body moving and happy.

Physical Activity History

Back in the day, physical activity wasn’t scheduled into daily life – it was life. The Varier MOVE chair helps the way we sit Learn more about the Varier MOVE chair watching the video below and visit our product page HERE.