Monitor Arm Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the setup of our single monitor arm and attaching it via the clamp-on connection to your MojoDesk standing desk.  

This provides additional visuals and details to the Monitor Arm Setup Guide (PDF)in the box for a clear, easy assembly. 

The part numbers refer to the ones in the guide.  

The steps shown are the same for our Dual Monitor Arm.  


Remove the instructions, Thank You Card (with info about our referral program), and our TaskRabbit Home Assembly service option. 

Unwrap, layout, and organize your parts for easy setup. 



Remove the velcro strap from the Monitor Arm. It will expand once the velcro strap is removed.  



Attach the bracket (Part 5) shown the the underbase of the arm using the 3 M6x12MM bolts (Part C) and Allen Wrench (Part G). Adhere the Anti-Slip Pad (Part 8). 



Adhere the Anti-Slip circular pad (Part 9) to the adjustable clamp-on knob (Part 6). 



Lower the clamp-on knob so you can access the top 2 screw holes.  Attach to the bracket (Part 5) using the 2 M6x10MM bolts (Part D) using the Allen wrench (Part G) as shown. 



Attach the plastic cable managment organizer to the back of the monitor arm as shown.  Move the USB, microphone, and headphone cords to the side of each channel and click into place.  



Using the clamp-on knob, attach to the back of your MojoDesk.  Make sure you attach tightly.  Then, attach your monitor to the mounting plate as shown in the guide using the 4 M4 (Part A) or 4 M5 (Part B) screws provided.  The screws used will depend on the hole sizes of your monitor. 

Remove the two black plastic cable management channels pre-installed on the arm and organize your cords through them and reattach. Example of using just the top black cable management channel shown below.  

Adjust the connections using the 2 Allen wrenches as shown in the guide based on the weight of the monitor so the monitor is angled at your perfect height. There are connections to tighten on several parts of the arm. 

When tightened properly, you will be able to adjust it and it will float easily between positions.  The monitor arm supports weights from 4lbs-19lbs.   



Use the optional easy-access USB, headphone, and microphone ports at the base.  



Enjoy your MojoDesk monitor arm!