MojoDesk Desktop Swatches

Swatches and Style Description

Please see our swatches below for high resolution photos of our desktop styles and texture descriptions.  While we don't ship swatches, each product listing has closeup pictures of the desktops in addition to the images below.  These are photographs, not renderings.  

Woodgrain Texture Description

All laminate woodgrain styles have a textured woodgrain surface. A mousepad is recommended as well as a notepad for writing. 

Woodgrain Color Description

Our woodgrains are listed from lightest to darkest in this order: 

American Oak > Weathered Oak > Obsidian Oak

Please note, in lifestyle photos, our woodgrains will sometimes appear slightly different with the variety of lighting and backgrounds.  


AMERICAN OAK (Blonde, Black, and Light Brown tones)

American Oak


WEATHERED OAK (Gray, Black and Light Brown tones)


OBSIDIAN OAK (Dark, Rich Brown, and Black tones) 

Obsidian Oak Standing Desk





Sahara Stone Texture Description

Our Sahara Stone style laminate has a textured, semi-smooth surface. A mousepad is recommended as well as a notepad for writing.

SAHARA STONE (Tones of a variety of light grays and white)

Concrete Standing Desk Top


MojoDesk Sahara Stone Desktop Image Swatch

Matte Lux Texture Description

Our solids of Black, White, and Charcoal are our smoothest “soft-touch” desktop surfaces ideal for mouse tracking without the need for a mousepad or notepad for writing.