MagicSnap Cable Management Chain Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the setup of our MagicSnap Cable Management Chain and attaching it via the clamp-on connection to your MojoDesk standing desk.  

This provides additional visuals and details to the MagicSnap Cable Management Chain (PDF)in the box for a clear, easy assembly. 



Remove the instructions, Thank You Card (with info about our referral program), and our TaskRabbit Home Assembly service option. 

Lay out and organize your parts for easy setup. 


MojoDesk Cable Management Chain is an under desk cable management sleeve with box.


******For the purposes of this instructional walk through, here is what each part will be called. 


Magnetic cable management attachment part A



Cable management chain part


Plastic prongs for cable piece attachment
Adhesive cable organization


Adhesive cable management


Find the spot under the back of your right or left edge of your desk where the metal frame meets the desktop. 

Look underneath and find the space on the metal rod between the two screws.

Demonstrating proper placement for the magnetic piece of the MagicSnap Cable Management design
Take PART A and slide it in the small flat space just above the top of the metal frame with the magnet facing you.

Place PART A flat against the desktop base and slide it into the small space just above the metal frame.

Then rotate PART A magnet towards the metal frame until it is secure.

PART A should be magnetically secure and snug against the frame. 

Magnetic piece alignment and attachment to frame

Take PART B and secure the magnet end toward the bottom of the leg where it is able to bend and extend comfortably with the desk as it raises from sitting to standing. 

Chain part magnetic line up with frame


Place PART B so the tubing is behind PART A until it meets with the grey side piece. The spiny grey side pieces should be facing you.

Attaching chain to magnetic piece at top

Using PART C, plug the two front pegs into the available holes in the tubing with the third peg towards the back on both sides. Press them together until you hear two small snaps. 

Run your cords through PART D and PART E. Figure out where you would like the PARTS to sit on the leg, then remove the paper from the adhesive strip and place it with pressure on the leg. *Remember to test the extension of your desk from sitting to standing, so cords don't rest too taut before applying adhesive.*

Images of the two sizes of adhesive cord management

Take what remaining cord clutter and gently press it through the spiny grey center in PART A so the cords lie snuggly flat and secure. 


Placing cords in organized cable management sleeve

 Voila! Your finished product should look like on the back of your desk! Enjoy your MagicSnap Cable Management Chain!


Completed MagicSnap Cable Management Chain for keeping cords organized and out of the way