Caster Wheels Installation Instructions

How To Install Casters On Your MojoDesk

This guide will walk you through how to install our Roll and Lock Casters whether your MojoDesk is already setup, or installing when you are first assembling your MojoDesk. 

Your Caster set will come with 4 Casters and a Hex Key (Allen wrench). Make sure each caster has a bolt on it’s screw.

Of the 4 casters, 2 of them are lockable.  It is recommended to attach the lockable casters in the front of each foot for easy access.   

MojoDesk caster wheel and hex (allen) wrench
Arrows pointing to the two locks on MojoDesk caster wheels

You can install the casters while your desk is flipped upside down during the initial setup, or by propping up the feet using a piece of wood, a few hardback books, or otherwise. In both cases, you unscrew the included leveler (small disk screwed into bottom of foot) and remove it.

This image shows where the leveler is located at the base of a MojoDesk and how to unscrew it.
Showing where to unscrew leveler from base of foot using a birds eye view of MojoDesk foot

Using your fingers, screw the caster into the hole where you removed the leveler from by tightening the nut while holding the wheel still. 

When the nut becomes too tight to screw in using your fingers, hold the wheel still and use the hex key to finish tightening the nut all the way as shown.

a gif image demonstrating how to use the hex wrench to install the caster wheel
How to hold nut will screwing in caster wheel to base of MojoDesk

Make sure the caster is screwed in straight and not at an angle, and that the nut is securely tight. Repeat with other desk legs.

Completed installation of MojoDesk caster.