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MojoDesk: The Best Sit-To-Stand Desk For Working

MojoDesk: The Best Sit-To-Stand Desk For Working

What Is A Sit-to-Stand Desk?

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was not only standing when he painted the Mona Lisa, but he also used a standing desk for his other creations like flying machines and armored vehicles?

Other notable characters Like Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Dickens, and Winston Churchill all employed a standing desk while developing battle plans and writing novels.

Thomas Jefferson devised an adjustable standing desk at which he was able to stand for long durations while authoring the Declaration of Independence.

So, if these noble gentlemen saw fit to complete their history-making tasks while standing, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here. These men were very successful and created lasting legacies.

Can the workplace be both a productive and a healthy work environment?

Educator Harvey V. Fineberg said in part, “…I would like to have the workplace be part of a healthier strategy.”

Surveys show that workers are concerned about not only about their safety but also about their health. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

Wikipedia says that “a sit-stand desk is an intermediate form of office workstation between a typical seated desk and a standing desk. It allows the user to position the workstation at a level convenient for sitting or standing.”

MojoDesk Best Electric Standing Desk for Working

So, the question is, what would be the advantages of utilizing a sit-to-stand desk?

First of all, it’s common knowledge that sitting too long is not healthy. Those that sit for a living understand the need to get up every so often and go refill the coffee mug and grab another doughnut. But in truth, those are just quick jaunts into the coffee bar or break room.

On the other hand, have you ever been at the gym or park and seen some industrious individual with a headset on and a smart device in hand conducting business as he or she walked the pathway?

Your health and the sit-standing desk

So, it seems that the answer to the dilemma of staying healthy while doing a job that requires extensive sitting is a mobile desk. No!

But a desk that you can both sit and stand is certainly an option to consider.

Evidence shows that standing while working lowers risk of weight gain. Although it’s not exactly walking and burning off calories. It is a significant improvement over sitting for hours on end.

Another interesting factoid is that after eating lunch, the worker who stands rather than returns to sitting can actually affect, as in lower, the sugar spike that comes after eating.

Likewise, alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can also reduce sugar spikes by a slight amount.

One thought to chew on for a moment is that this might help explain why excessive inactivity (sitting) is linked to an increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

Need some more sitting and standing at the desk convincing?

Chairs cannot totally eliminate the aches and pains of prolonged sitting…especially in the legs and the back.

Standing for a spell is the perfect remedy for this. While continuing on with your task, you can stand and flex and rid yourself of those maladies.

There are actually prescribed exercise routines for the standing-at-your-desk employee. 

Consider over the course of a week, how much time do you spend sitting? What if you could spend at least half of that time on your feet? Any amount of time up on your feet is golden according to experts.

And of course, the bottom line is that by removing all this wear and tear on the body and eliminating the stress, the heart benefits. It’s long been a scientific fact that a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy heart.

Undoubtedly the sit-to-standing desk concept is not only healthy but it’s also cost-effective.

Best Sit Stand Desk for Working

What are the features to look for in the perfect sit-to-standing desk?

 It depends on your personal needs, but certainly, the flexibility of the sit standing desk would be a key element. A one-size-fits-all is not likely to be the best bet.

Height, posture, and reach are obvious considerations. A sit to stand desk must be able to adapt to me and not for me to have to adapt to it.

Having the work surface at the optimal height ergonomically is critical to one’s health. If the job includes staring at a monitor all day, then the proper height is even more important.

So, when looking for the best sit to stand desk, ergonomics is one of the top priorities. Some things commonly looked for include:

  • Is the height range variable or fixed? Is it adaptable?
  • Is the desk contoured and beveled to facilitate stress-free body movement?
  • Is the platform stable—Is it not going to be rocking back and forth while working? 
  • How ergonomic is it?
  • Does it have a durable surface? Can it resist stains and chipping?
  • Will it hold all the work supplies, monitors, tools, books, and still have space and strength for a full coffee mug? 
  • Is it Greenguard Certified? Is it non-toxic and work-environment friendly?
  • One final requirement which can be a personal preference … is it made in the U.S.A.?

Where do I find the best sit to stand desk?

Know your options when shopping for the ideal sit-to-stand desk.

The competition is ambitious. There are several major manufacturers of sit-to-stand desks and each has some good selling points. However, not any meet the comprehensive list of requirements for the ideal stand up desk except MojoDesk. Manufactured in Littleton, Colorado the MojoDesk is a quality, precision made sit-to-stand platform.

Engineered and manufactured with quality and ergonomics being priority #1, this desk will certainly exceed all expectations. And with several models to choose from, there is one that fits every need.

Plus, customization of the desks and add features like power bars and monitor brackets is also available online with the custom builder.

Prices are competitive for the quality produced. MojoDesk also gives a 30 day no risk trial period and a 5-year product warranty.

The best sit-to-stand desk on the market is a MojoDesk. It is the very best choice and a wise investment for a healthier work environment.

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