December 15, 2019

Mojo Gamer Pro: Best gaming desk setup for eSports Arenas, Game Rooms

Mojo Gamer Pro: Best gaming desk setup for eSports Arenas, Game Rooms

Mojo Gamer Pro:

The best gaming desk setup for eSports Arenas, Game Rooms

Thinking of setting up a gaming room in your home or an entrepreneur looking to open an eSports Gaming Center? One of the most important parts of a proper gamer desk setup is an adjustable height standing desk, like Mojo Gamer Pro, for health, focus and comfort.  

It’s one of the hottest trends, not only in the U.S. but globally. The video gaming center idea is exploding! It’s a place where gamers can gather to multi-play and compete with other gamers---either individually or in team-play.

eSports Gaming Arenas

In the Denver area, where MojoDesk is located, there are several such as the massive 18,000 square foot LocalHost in Lakewood offering 110 professional-grade gaming computers (specs: i7 8700k CPU, GTX 1080 GPU, 16 gigs of RAM, 240hz monitors) and Gameworks in Stapleton. 

eSports Event Planners

There are also companies, like Mile High eSports in Denver that are gaming event organizers handling the logistics, equipment, marketing, staffing, production, and execution of gaming eSports competitions. 

Best Gaming Desk for eSports


Today’s player doesn’t have to look far to find a local competition to participate in. And for the viewing fan, check your local television listings for national and international championships: there are several such competitions each year.

History of eSports Arenas

Video gaming has become an arena sport, as well. In 2015, the first indoor eSports Arenawas opened in Santa Ana, California --- accommodating up to 1400 people. Since then, dozens of arenas have opened up around the world hosting huge gaming competitions.

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs seriously considering putting together a gaming room, you’ll find a lot of advice on the internet about what to do and what not to do. But most experts are in agreement concerning the basics - and one of the foremost basic needs is a good gaming desk.

So, what’s the best choice of standing gaming desk for eSports?

The best gaming desk available is the MojoDesk Gamer Pro. It’s a desk built for the hardcore gamer. It’s rugged. It’s durable. And it’s designed and built to eliminate the bounce and rocking motion inherent in video gaming while keeping the player comfortable and alert. 

Best Gaming Desk for eSports

Mojo Gamer Pro Specs

The height is adjustable from 24” to 50.25” and accommodates players from 4’9” to 6’6”. It has an easily accessible rocker switch that allows you to change the desktop height on the fly. Or you can preset up to 4 heights for a quick change of position. With an easy to read LED readout, you’ll always know where the desktop is set. And a built-in Tip Prevention Sensor works to help the occupied player when moving the desktop: it stops the movement if any obstacles are encountered.

The Mojo Gamer Pro comes with a carbon fiber desktop that compliments your equipment and serves as a mouse pad as well. The leading edges are beveled to provide ergonomic comfort for the user during gameplay, and the CPU Hanger and Monitor Arm help declutter the desktop. And, with a 30” by 72” surface, there’s plenty of room for all of the players’ additional accessories.

With the addition of the MojoDesk patented MagicSnap System, cable management is a breeze, and all wires and cables are safely out of the way and out of sight.

Standing Desk Safety and Health

Safety is a big part of the gaming experience. But it certainly doesn’t hurt (pun intended) to add health into the mix when preparing for hours of plan - and the MojoDesk Gamer Pro sit-to-stand electric desk is all about health.

An electric sit-to-stand desk helps with keeping gamers focused for the win. 

Importance of Posture with Standing Desks 

Maintaining a healthy posture enables the gamer to remain focused on the game. And, most health professionals agree that to avoid the effects of inactivity due to prolonged sitting, standing for a while is recommended. Of course, during a period of intense activity, it would be inappropriate to ask for a time out to stand and stretch. This is when the Gamer Pro standing desk comes into the picture: with the press of a button, the player is standing, and the contest continues.

Standing will increase the heart rate and improve circulation. Muscles will get stretched, and joints get flexed, and…well nothing bad can happen from standing during an action-packed video game. Plus, it’s a great way to relax and relieve some stress. So, providing the opportunity for your players to sit and stand while competing is highly encouraged. 

Here’s a checklist to compare available eSports standing gaming desks:

  • Easy to Adjust (memory settings are a plus)

  • Safe for gameplay

  • Spacious surface

  • Stability and Durability - BIFMA approved

  • UL Greenguard Certified

  • Cable Management

  • Aesthetically appealing

As the reader can easily see, the MojoDesk Gamer Pro more than fills the requirements--- frankly, it leads the way in establishing the standards for all gaming desks.

Starting an eSports Gaming Center

Now back to the idea of starting your own eSports Gaming Center.

After selecting the right desk to use--- a MojoDesk of course--- here is a shortlist of things to take into consideration for preparing and equipping your gaming room:

  • What size room? How many players are you willing to host at one time?
  • A powerful sound system is very important for the atmosphere in gaming.
  • Utilize large screen projection…or just a large television?
  • Utility requirements---electrical needs, lighting, heat/air, etc.
  • High capacity, high-speed wi-fi--- a router and service that can handle all gaming requirements.

And of course, gaming desks and accessories for each player.

Best Gaming Desk for eSports

Compare Standing Desks

When considering which gaming desks to buy, naturally the best quality, most rugged and functional desks are all that one should consider. And when you research and examine the facts, you’ll see that the #1 rated standing gaming desk is the MojoDesk Gamer Pro. Here is a chart to compare standing desks.

Located in beautiful Denver, Colorado, MojoDesk will work with you on fulfilling your gaming room needs. They offer bulk purchase discounts on their electric standing gaming desk and can take on projects of any size. They can help you plan your gaming space and will assist in selecting the accessories that will enhance the experience of your gaming enterprise.

They also offer installation services anywhere in the Denver area, as well as the contiguous 48 U.S. states.

Contact MojoDesk for more information HERE.