September 15, 2019

What are the advantages of a standing desk bulk purchase?

mojodesk bulk purchase order electric standing desk

What are the advantages of a standing desk bulk purchase for my company? 

Yes.  And the advantages of bulk purchasing electric standing desks to furnish your place of business are many. The key benefit of bulk buying is that the more one buys, the lower the cost is: the price-per-item decreases as the quantity increases. So, the more you buy with MojoDesk, the more you save! Electric adjustable standing desks can be bought in bulk for colleges, corporations, organizations, institutions, libraries, and schools. Each purchase order will be customized to meet all your specific needs.

One of the biggest responsibilities of the buyer for any organization is working to reduce overhead costs. Buying needed resources in bulk is one of the primary ways to accomplishing this. 

MojoDesk strives to accommodate the buyer in every aspect of the purchasing process. We give our clients preferential treatment which often extends to the service contract and warranty plan as well.

Another big-savings feature of bulk purchasing is in the cost of shipping. Granted, a large order may be fairly pricey to ship. But leverage that against the shipping costs to individually deliver a large number of similar items---the savings is significant.

What type of businesses and organizations use electric standing desks?

bulk purchasing electric standing desk

Call Centers

Many commercial call centers, emergency response call centers, and governmental agencies are already utilizing electric standing desks in their work centers. 

But any business-type operation where the employees’ primary duties put them at a desk for the greater part of their workday is a candidate. And, they should make it a priority to look at their options.

In today’s commerce, there is an infinite number of businesses that fit this description. But one of the biggest trades in the world today is data entry. 

Every business today, regardless, whether large or small, has a need to collect and record data. Industries ranging from health care to automotive care collect and use data. And how does this data get stored? An employee, sitting at a desk enters the data into a system of some type. 

It’s not just data entry people, but design engineers, personal assistants, office managers, and the list is endless. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that just about any business, big or small, has a need and could well utilize adjustable height desks for the employees.


The school is another type of institution that has a profound need for the electric standing desk.

Remember back in elementary school when you had several breaks during the day? One, of course, was the 40- or 50-minute lunch break. But there were at least two more recesses in which you could go outside and run off a little energy and stretch for a while. 

That need to get up and move around is fundamental. We needed it in our youth and as older students and employees, we still have that need.

A number of colleges and universities in the U.S. are taking a good look at this issue and are making progress in providing a more ergonomically positive environment for the student. 

Among a few of the notable schools to conduct studies into the advantages of students using standing desks are Swarthmore College, UCLA, and the University of Iowa. All three of these studies resulted in favorable data which supports giving students the option to sit and to stand during the academic day.

Some colleges have taken it to the next level and are providing standing desks in student lounges and study centers for the benefit of their student populations. Hopefully, the classrooms will be next.


Does an Electric Standing Desk help with workplace wellness?

The electric standing desk is a type of desk which is adjustable in height. It’s designed to allow the desktop to be adjusted---up for standing or down to any comfortable sitting position. 

The average height of a modern desktop is about 29 inches…and, this is as low as the desktop will be or as high as it will be. So, an adjustable desktop that ranges from a height of 24 inches to 50.25 inches, just as the MojoDesk does, is certainly the ideal desk for any sized person---short or tall.

The concept behind the adjustable desk goes beyond being able to adjust to a comfortable sitting height. It’s designed to be raised to a level that allows a person to stand at the desk and work or study.

Research shows that standing for periods of time is extremely beneficial, health-wise, for the person utilizing the desk. Especially for those who are at the desk for prolonged periods of time, such as an office worker or student.

Being able to stand at the electric standing desk makes the desk an ergonomic wellness tool beyond the scope of just sitting and working comfortably. Therefore, providing an ergonomically friendly platform for work or study should be an important consideration for any organization that has sitting as a primary function of its operations. 

Do Standing Desks help you lose weight?

It’s a verifiable fact that the U.S. has become an obese nation and our overall health, as a country, is heading in the wrong direction.

Institutions, whether educational, private business, or government-owned, have the opportunity to begin to turn things around. 

By considering the benefits of an ergonomically friendly environment for their people they can contribute, not only to better health for the employee or student, but they can look forward to enhanced productivity as a result of this healthier---and happier---population.

The scientific and medical evidence overwhelmingly supports the belief that movement, any movement, is good for our bodies. An adjustable sit to standing desk from MojoDesk can be a powerful tool for the millions that work at a desk!

No one can force wellness on anybody---it’s a personal choice. But providing the opportunity and a means to make that choice is why MojoDesk is in business: It’s all about your health and well-being.