Ergo Rocker Stool


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The Ergonomic Rocker Stool's 360° mechanism, 10° tilt, and wide height range let you vary your work posture all day for an active sit.

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Seat Color: Sea Foam Green

Ergonomic Rocker Stool Description

MojoDesk and our Ergonomic Rocker Stool are the perfect pair. By combining this active chair with our standing desk, you get the perfect ergonomic combo whether sitting or standing.

The seat supports an upright, dynamic posture, which activates and strengthens core muscles in the abdomen and back. The open angle between the upper and lower body improves circulation, boosting energy levels, and concentration.

Designed with a 360-degree pneumatic mechanism, a gentle 10-degree tilt, and a versatile height range, this stool enhances your workflow by allowing dynamic seating options during your demanding schedule. More than just an ordinary office chair, the Rocker Stool complements your MojoDesk perfectly, offering you the freedom to rest your legs whenever needed.

This compact stool is engineered to be tucked away easily under your desk, providing additional space to move freely and stay energized in your workspace. Assembly is straightforward, and the stool features a waterfall-molded seat that comfortably supports up to 250 lbs. Whether in the office or at home, our office rocker chair is an effortless solution to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.


Total Width: 16"W
Total Depth: 16"D
Total Height: 19.5"H - 27.5"H

Seat Width: 16"W
Seat Depth: 16"D
Seat Height: 19.5"H - 27.5"H

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

Requires Assembly
5-Year Warranty


Seat Height Adjustment:
19.5"H (Lowest) | 27.5"H (Highest)
Seat Cushion Construction:
Fully upholstered fabric over high-density waterfall foam seat cushion, evenly distributing and supporting weight up to 250lbs
Seat Back Material:
No Seat Back
Base Material:
Nylon Round Base

    Alternate from Standing to Sitting with Ease

    When you're using your MojoDesk, the temptation might be to stay on your feet all day, but sitting down in a standard office chair doesn't quite fit the bill after being so active. Yet, standing continuously for an 8-hour workday isn't ideal for your body either. Our ergonomic rocker chair offers a smart solution by preserving the health advantages of a standing desk while providing essential relief to your muscles and easing the strain on your knees.

    Experts recommend maintaining a sit-to-stand ratio of about 1:3 during the workday. This means you should ideally spend 15 minutes seated on the ergonomic stool for every hour you stand to achieve the optimal balance of health benefits. Thanks to the adjustable height feature of the office rocker chair, you can seamlessly transition from standing to sitting without the need to adjust your desk height. It’s a simple and highly effective way to promote a healthy lifestyle in your daily work routine.

    Encourage Active Sitting 

    The ergonomic armless stool is designed to foster what's known as active sitting, making prolonged desk work less taxing on your body. Traditional office chairs often promote slouching, which can lead to long-term detrimental effects on your spine, back, and wrists. In contrast, ergonomic stools are crafted to support good posture, which not only strengthens your core but also enhances balance.

    When you sit on the Ergonomic Rocker, you actively engage and support your abdominal, back, shoulder, and lateral muscles. This promotes a healthier sitting alternative when transitioning from standing to sitting during your workday. Spending long hours at work shouldn't compromise your physical health. Switch to a rocker chair and regain a comfortable posture, ensuring a more productive and strain-free work environment.

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