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Our ergonomic office chair with adjustable arms is equipped with 8 points of adjustable options to feel your best all day.

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Seat Color: Sky Blue

Ergonomic Chair Description

This ergonomic office chair with adjustable arms offers everything you need. Its elegant hourglass frame encases a host of features and functionalities that go beyond what you'd expect from a standard office chair.

Our chairs are designed with eight points of ergonomic adjustment and top-tier chair controls for superior comfort and customization. Additionally, the multi-surface wheels ensure a smooth glide across various flooring types, from wood to carpet, facilitating effortless movement around your workspace.

8 Points of Ergonomic Adjustment

The ergonomic office chair is equipped with eight detailed points of adjustable options to enhance your seating experience:

  1. Height Adjustment: Utilize the lever located on the right side of the chair to adjust your seat cushion height. Ensure your arms maintain an angle between 70 degrees and 135 degrees. This optimal range promotes proper posture and provides support throughout the day.

  2. Tilt Lock: Access the tilt lock by pulling the left knob outward and twisting it forward. This feature offers five locking positions, ranging from an upright to a relaxed lounge mode. Customize your chair's angle to suit various work activities and comfort preferences.

  3. Seat Slider: Adjust the seat depth by sliding your seat cushion forward or backward with the lever on the left side. Proper seat positioning is achieved when you can fit two to four fingers between the back of your knee and the seat cushion, optimizing blood flow and enhancing the functionality of the seat and lumbar support.

  4. Tilt Tension: Modify the resistance of the chair’s tilt by pulling and turning the knob on the right side of the seat cushion. Increase the tension by twisting the knob forward to make leaning back more challenging, or decrease it by twisting backward for easier reclining.

  5. Armrest Height: Adjust each armrest's height by using the tabs located on the outside of each armrest. This adjustment ensures your arms are supported comfortably, reducing shoulder strain.

  6. Armrest Pivot: Pivot the armrests inward to better align with your forearm's natural position while typing, thus reducing wrist fatigue and enhancing ergonomic support.

  7. Armrest Position: Slide the armrests forward or backward to find the perfect position that maximizes your comfort, particularly useful for long hours at the desk to ensure ergonomic alignment and support.

  8. Lumbar Support: Adjust the lumbar support bar up or down to align precisely with your spine's curve. This customization helps maintain an ergonomically correct sitting posture, preventing lower back pain.

These adjustments collectively create a highly customizable chair that conforms to your body's needs, enhancing comfort and support during prolonged periods of sitting.

Chair Dimensions

Total Depth: 24"D
Total Height: 39"H-43"H

Seat Width: 19.5"W
Seat Height: 17.75"H - 22.25"H

Back Width: 17.5"W
Back Height: 22"H

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Seat Cushion Thickness:
2.5" Thick
Requires Assembly
5-Year Warranty

Seat, Back, Base Specs

Seat Height Adjustment:
17.75"H - 22.25"H
Seat Cushion Construction:
Fully upholstered fabric over high-density 2.5" thick seat cushion, evenly distributing and supporting weight up to 300lbs
Seat Back Material:
Breathable Mesh Back
Base Material:
Black Nylon Base


Discover the BestCustom Desk Chair

This office chair is designed for total back support and promoting healthy posture during long hours of work. It offers exceptional lumbar support to meet the demands of your day. This chair is the perfect seating solution, delivering ultimate comfort for extended periods at the office.

Engineered for all-day ergonomic correctness, the chair prioritizes optimal back support. Our advanced lumbar support system provides top-tier care and alignment for your back, crucial for those lengthy office hours. With various settings and controls, you can customize your seating experience to enhance comfort, improve your posture, and elevate your overall performance.

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