Standing Gaming Desk Reviews (Video)

High Ground Gaming Review 

"The Mojo Gamer Pro package includes 5 accessories: the CPU hanger, monitor arm, cable tray, cable chain, and power bar. The cable tray, cable chain, and power bar employ the Mojo “MAGicSnap” technology. MAGicSnap is a fancy name for a clever magnet system that makes installing and moving these accessories to the right position on the metal frame a breeze. All three of these accessories work together to minimize cord clutter.

Once I had everything installed, anyone who looks behind or under the desk won’t see a single cord, except for the power bar cable running outside the leg of the frame (see photo). The other two accessories are self-explanatory. The CPU hanger locks in your PC tower underneath the desk and has adjustable straps for the variety of PC case sizes these days and the monitor arm clamps to the backside of the desk.

A handsome electric powered sit-stand desk with zero bouncing or wobbling. By going with the MojoDesk Gamer Pro Bundle, you get the full package: a clutter-free, streamlined look with comprehensive cable management accessories + ergonomic monitor mount." 

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Start Standing Review 

"Mojo Gamer Pro is a purpose-built gaming desk that has the key features that are important to PC gamers. At $949 the Mojo Gamer Pro is a substantial investment but you're getting a lot for your money. The Pro includes a high-quality monitor arm with a vesa mount and an adjustable PC hanger. This desk's party trick is its cable management. Included is a large cable pass-through, MAGicSnap Cable Management Chain, integrated tray and power strip. We like the Gamer Pro so much because it's ready to go right out of the box, no accessories needed. It also has a great warranty and is available in a variety of smart sizes."

If this fits in your budget, we rate the MojoDesk as a strong buy, especially if you're looking for a stable desk that won't shake when you're typing.

We like the free shipping, quick delivery, easy assembly, 30 day no-risk guarantee, low VOC emissions, beveled tabletop, it's ability to accommodate short and tall users, it's smooth operation, and color options."

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Independent Gaming Community Review

"Clocking in with dimensions of 60x30, the MojoDesk has space for everything, easily fitting two 27" monitors, a Nintendo Switch, a microphone, and everything else that most users will require room for, and then some. Smaller and larger versions exist, measuring out at 48x30 and 72x30 respectively. I find that the 60x30 model is exactly perfect for my needs, holding all my tech, while leaving some room for other things that add a personal touch.

As far as appearance goes, the desk also excels in that department, looking sleek, but also visually distinctive with its "carbon fiber" coloration pattern. This makes it stand out as something unique while still retaining a subtle, professional look. On the front of the desk is a tapered edge, as well as a slight curve that serves to make things more comfortable as you rest your arms on it, which goes a long way when you're playing games with a keyboard and mouse. It's a rather simple addition, but after my time with the Mojodesk, I don't think I could go back to a standard desk that lacks the ergonomic feel that this offers."

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Not Sitting Review 

"MojoDesk is a new and interesting product adjustable electric desk that looks great in the office, has a great vertical range, and has some nice accessory options. These desks also come in an “Organic” shape; we love the curved front and back that breaks us out of the boring straight rectangle.  

The on-desk power strip is really convenient and has a MASSIVE power cord. This will save you setup time. The cable chain (which is plastic) is a really attractive and slick addition to this desk for holding the cables that go from the desktop to the floor. 

This is a high quality desk with straightforward assembly, a great height range, and a slick design."

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IndieWire Review (Product Roundup)

"In addition to caring about the environment, we need to remember to take care of our personal health as well, and here’s a way to do both. Working from a stand up desk is great for your posture, and relieve stress from your back, neck and shoulders. MojoDesk makes some of the best adjustable desks, and their factory relies heavily on solar power."

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Lazy Environmentalist Review (Product Roundup)

"Excellent ergonomics, wobble-free legs, and industry-leading cable management are essential characteristics that inform this adjustable-height standing desk. Mojo Desk builds its desks using FSC certified wood. All finishes are Greenguard certified for low VOC emissions. Additionally, the company’s facility is powered by 65% solar energy."

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IGN Review

"MojoDesk might take a lot of pride in just how solid and robust their standing desks are, but there’s more to these sit-stand solutions than meets the eye. The Mojo Gamer Pro Standing Desk is easy to assemble, built like a tank yet lighter than it looks, luxurious to touch, and smooth to operate. Best of all, it keeps everything tucked away and in its proper place, leaving you with a neat and tidy desk free of distractions from your game."

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BuzzFeed Review

"May I present the single greatest item that has come into my life this year: MojoDesk. Not only does it have a super-sleek and sturdy steel construction, but it's ergonomically sound so it'll leave you feeling refreshed at the end of a long work day, not jammed up and achey. If you're working eight hours a day and your spine is pretty much shaped like a C hunching over your current desk, you might want to give this some thought. Not only has this desk totally improved my posture, but I feel good knowing that the company really took every little detail into consideration when designing what I consider to be the perfect desk."

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