November 01, 2022

Standing Desks are on the Rise at Call Centers

Standing Desks are on the Rise at Call Centers

Standing desks. Sit to stand desks. Whatever you want to call them, you've seen them at your local coffee shops, retailers, and offices. These adjustable height desks are upping the game when it comes to productivity and wellbeing. 

Businesses providing standing desks in conjunction with a welcoming, open floor plan are finding that they can fit more people into the same amount of square footage, while still offering privacy and first-rate comfort to their staff.  

Standing Desks at Coffee Shop

It’s not only for these reasons that modernized call and data centers are jumping on the standing desk bandwagon.  The research tells us that this super large industry based primarily on call-intake (think credit card companies, travel industry)is loving all the benefits that standing desks and an open floor plan have to offer.  

Let’s discuss why several call centers are being redesigned with standing desks  (including privacy panels- YES! Privacy panels!) and an inviting layout at the forefront and the reasons standing desks are becoming increasingly popular for call and data centers. 


What is the modern data center construction process?

When designing an office one thinks of layout, lighting, colors, furniture… all important.  But when you mix in the staff’s comfort and performance, you may come up with a completely different design.  

Image by MagicDesk from Pixabay

And if you’re not thinking about your staff’s comfort and performance, you should be, especially in a call center environment.  

The modern call and data center has come a long way since the standard, jammed in, cubicle-lined office layout.  And that’s great news for staff and the call center’s ROI. 

When designing/redesigning for a modern call center, think both collaboration and privacy, uncluttered and clean open space, and endlesscustomization possibilities.  It’s super easy to add storage, acoustic panels, and cable management to an adjustable standing desk station, while still allowing for better use of space than what standard cubicles offer.  

Open Floor Plan - Retention Rates

Yes, construction costs are something to take into account, but studies show that those costs will be recouped through a more flexible, spacious, creative, collaboration-driven floor plan because staff has higher retention rates, improved performance, and increased productivity.

All of these factors contribute significantly to loyal and happy customers and lets not forget about the lessening of operational costs.  

What does research say about open floor plans and privacy?

Tests have been done, studies have been completed,comparisons have been made.  Open floor plans combined with adjustable standing desks and ergonomic furniture are offering so much more to a company than just a modern working space.

Setting up a data center with collaboration areas, ergonomic furniture that can be controlled by the employee (flexibility with sitting or standing), and spaces to help avoid distractions are all contributing to the success of open floor plans and call center morale.

Improving employee retention is a focus for employers and it’s been proven that providing a sense of community within the workspace, adaptable furniture that provides control of a workstation, and maintaining high satisfaction within a workstation will increase retention rates.

Privacy and an Open Floor Plan. A Delicate Balance.   

Picture showing collaboration in open work office setup


Staff satisfaction comes in many shapes, but a big one is based on their physical comfort (sitting all day in the same position is no good).  When a business goes the extra mile to ensure its staff is comfortable through smart workspace design, increased performance will follow.  

Offering privacy paneling will support a low distraction rate and provide staff with the solitude sometimes needed in a call center setting.  These panels also offer a sense of a controlled environment, meaning less chaos. And we all work better with less chaos.  

So, yes, staff comfort will save you money.  Upgrading your office space and offering your team controlled comfort and flexibility, while being orderly, accessable, and open is a great big win for all.

Research found that workstation design influenced staff performance in the following ways:

  • To reduce work time after a call is taken, provide ergonomic furnishings and spaces for staff to socially connect, such as lounging areas
  • To increase first call resolution rates, provide group spaces in various sizes with supporting technology
  • To increase customer satisfaction, provide adjustable ergonomic furniture

What does the modern call center office design look like?

First, what’s the old, un-modern call center office design?  Uniformity, hard right angles, narrow passageways, dreary colors- think solitude and loneliness (being dramatic for effect).

Cubicle Nightmare Fuel

Cubicle Call Center Layout

The new and improved modern call center, on the other hand, is curvy, vibrant, rich with color and space, and has several collaborative work areas/social areas with customizable and ergonomic workstations and furnishings.  

Stand Up. Break Down the Walls. 

Standing Desk Contact Center Layout w/ Privacy Panels

When staff from a modern call center and staff from an un-modern call center were surveyed, guess who was happier, more comfortable, had greater customer satisfaction, got done with their work faster, and handled their customers better?

I think this goes without having to answer, but just in case- it’s the modern one. 

Take a break. Collaborate.  

Photo Credit: Marvel Building - Meeting Lounge Modern Office


What are the best call center layout designs? 

The best call and data center layout designs take look, feel, comfort, and needs into account.  Who wants to work in a colorless, sharp, dreary office? No one. Design for a productive and happy environment.  This will keep staff cozy and comfy, contributing to good work and good attitude.  

But, that’s not all it does.  Floor plan, lighting, colors, furniture, technology, community space, privacy- all of these things will help your bottom line, too.  

Modern Call Center - Privacy Panels Standing Desks

Keep your layout focused on efficiency, productivity, and ultimate performance.  This means, give your staff some space away from all the “stuff”. No one works well when overloaded or stressed out, so getting away from computers, phones, TVs- that’s a good thing and will actually help with overall performance.  

The best call centers offer comfort, a welcoming atmosphere, spaces for socializing and collaborating, excellent lighting, an open floor plan, and flexibility within workstations.  

What are the benefits of standing desks in call centers? 

We thought you’d never ask.  I mean, we’ve been talking a lot about this throughout this article, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Thebenefits of using an adjustable standing desk  in a call center (or anywhere) are:

  • Standing lowers risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Using a standing desk may lower blood sugar levels
  • Standing may lower your risk of heart disease
  • Standing desks appear to reduce back pain
  • Standing desks help improve energy and mood
  • Standing desks improve productivity
  • And the big one: standing desks may actually help you to live longer

If you’re not Googling“where can I find the best standing desks” right now, please reread this article immediately, something was missed!  

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