Desk Not Moving | Turning Child Lock On and Off


Is your MojoDesk not moving? Or is it showing the LOC Error code?

If you are seeing this error code or your desk is failing to move, it means, likely, your Child Lock is on.

This guide is for MojoDesk models. Please scroll for our fix and video guide. 

If your existing desk from a competing brand can't be fixed, send us a quick video destroying your desk/throwing it in the trash and mentioning MojoDesk and we will send you a code for 25% off any single desk purchase. No joke. 

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To verify you have a MojoDesk, take a quick look at the desk models at our Amazon Store or use our 3D Builder to see our desks from all angles or check out these standing desk photos from our design inspiration gallery. 

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To engage or disengage Child Lock, simply, press and hold the M button for about 5 seconds.

When child lock is turned on, a blue LED light activates above "▼" and M. Any button press creates a flash of the blue LED, a beep and LOC on the display. 

Male hand adjusting the MojoDesk one-touch, 4 memory setting, LED hand control
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hand control for MojoDesk one-touch, 4 memory setting sit-to-stand desk