Wave Task Light


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Wave Light provides all the desirable features of LED light without any of the drawbacks.

Conventional LED task lights often create an inadequate field of illumination, glare, light pooling, high contrast illumination ratios and/or multiple shadows. Wave Light technology eliminates these shortcomings by providing a color temperature in the ideal range as well as a dimmer for adjusting illumination to the desired level.  


  • Peak light output of 80fc
  • Area of illumination (80fc - 20fc), greater than 2’ x 2’ (60cm x 60cm)
  • Color temperature 3800k
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) 71 Luminous efficacy 47.5 Lm/W
  • Life expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Electrical input at full strength 9.39 Watts
  • Double extension counterbalanced arm
  • Arm extension over 27” (71cm) from fully loaded
  • Arm vertical stop
  • 2-axis rotation of light head
  • Light head can rotate to be parallel to any surface in all arm positions
  • C-Clamp Desktop Mounting attachment


  • Patented refractive lens technology provides the greatest and most consistent distribution of light
  • Ergonomically easy to use, reduces glare and provides proper adjustments for users
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces eye strains
  • Improves worker comfort
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Technologically advanced high performance LEDS
  • Helps earn LEED credits
  • Increase space efficiencies with slim profile design
  • Reduces ambient light levels by improving task light quality
  • No light pooling, no multiple or high contrast shadows
  • Reduces energy consumption and increases energy savings

5 Year Warranty

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Color: Silver
Get stuff done. Without Eye Strain.

Get stuff done. Without Eye Strain.


Full Sit to Stand Desk NOT a Desktop Converter1

Standing Desk Height Range2

Desktops contoured in front for wrist comfort

ENTIRE DESK is Greenguard Certified3

Commercial Grade, meets BIFMA stability requirements4

Built to National Ergonomic Standards

Tip Prevention Sensor5

4-Preset Hand Control, digital readout
Standing Desks made at US factory headquarters
30 Day NO RISK Trial - Return Shipping Covered
5 YEAR Warranty
Free US Shipping (Lower 48)
2019 Sit-to-Stand Desk Price (48"x30")
24" - 51"
Autonomous SmartDesk 2
25" - 51"
Fully Jarvis Laminate
25" - 50"
+ $35
UpLift Laminate
25" - 51"
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Varidesk ProDesk
25.5"- 50.5"
3 presets