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Black Friday Standing Desk Deal 2019


Save $75 on MojoDesk New Years Sale


MojoDesk Black Friday Deal 2019

Black Friday is over. But the savings are not! See our new promotion below. 

Christmas Holiday Standing Desk Discount Code

Use our Christmas Holiday Discount Code BOW to save $75 on MojoDesk, the best standing desk. This page will be updated soon but you can save today! Here's how it works. Any purchase $699 or more qualifies to save $75. And free shipping. 

Visit our Holiday Standing Desk Sale Page to learn more. 

Expired info below.

In October and early November, it's typical to hold out for a larger purchase with the hope that some amazing deal wil show up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  At MojoDesk, we think the waiting game is a bit silly. 

If you have been holding out to buy a standing desk, the best deal of the year starts NOW.

Use code B100 at checkout. Buy just our standing desk or bundle up with MojoDesk accessories. 

Load up your cart with ergonomic gold and as long as it meets the $699 benchmark.... BAM! Enter the code B100 and you save $100.  

Yes, this includes our top rated eSports Gaming Desk - Mojo Gamer Pro

Mojo Gamer Pro is our top reviewed adjustable height standing eSports computer gaming desk bundled with 5 accessories: Monitor arm, CPU Hanger and our magnetic cable management system.  This is a $140+ discount vs. buying separately. So... does the $100 code work for our gamer desk even though it is already discounted?  Yes!

Best eSports Gaming Desk - Show Sitting and Standing Position


Do All Your Adjustable Height Standing Desks Ship Free?

Yes. At MojoDesk, we don't play games.  Once you enter your address, a shipping fee won't pop up. At all.  All MojoDesk products ship free. The price in your cart, is the price you pay while completing checkout. 

How Does MojoDesk compare vs. other Standing Desks?

Great question! In short, we win. MojoDesk defeats all other sit-stand desks in all categories. Of course we are going to say that.. but we prove it. We line up MojoDesk against our competitors with detailed standing desk comparison charts on the specs and features. And we have a whole customer review section you can check out.  Did we mention that MojoDesk is made in Denver? 

What about how it compares to desktop risers that sit on your existing desk? 

Risers are garbage. They are incomparable to a full sit-stand desk. Desktop risers are ergonomically incorrect and made cheaply with limited functionality. They only manually click into a few height options and have extreme keyboard bounce - especially at the higher positions. That's why you can scoop one up for $300-$400.  Yes, using one is still better than sitting all day but it not a long term solution. If you spend a bit more for a full sit-stand desk you will feel better today. Your back and neck will thank you.

Watch our video. Spend a minute to learn the differences between MojoDesk vs. ALL desktop risers. 






How long does shipping take? 

We ship our adjustable standing desk via FedEx Ground.  We also make each desk to order at our Denver factory.  Please allow 3 days for production, and another 3 days for shipping.  In short, your desk will arrive in about 6 business days.  

2019 Black Friday Sit Stand Desk Deal - Man Standing in front of MojoDesk


Tell me a story about the history of Black Friday. 

No problem. We will answer your question with a question.  Why is the day after Thanksgiving the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season?  There are many theories. Some think it is connected to the end of Thanksgiving parades that feature Santa on the last float as a nod that "Shopping May Now Begin!" Plus, these parades have traditionally been sponsored by department stores like Macy's. People also typically have the day after Thanksgiving off so they take that time to run to stores and help the economy. They come in for the BIG DEAL and then leave with a bunch of other stuff too at reqular price which put the stores in the "black" for the year. So the stores still win.  But over time, the mall mob scene has died down since you can shop online at home wearing pajamas. 

Should I wait? Will there be a BETTER deal on Black Friday or Christmas? 

Nope. This is it. $100 off and no waiting. Promise. It's an incredible deal on the highest quality sit-stand desk available.

Work shouldn't hurt. Sit. Stand. Feel better today.  Start your new year's resolution early. Get focused, feel great and get more done. Let's do this - SHOP NOW

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