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Standing Desk Christmas Discount Code

Standing Desk Christmas Discount Code

MojoDesk Christmas Holiday Discount 2019

Black Friday is over. But the savings are not! Giving a gift? You're going to need a bigger bow. Save $75 on all our standing desk orders over $699 until New Year's Day at midnight. 

Christmas Holiday Standing Desk Discount Code

Go Big. Go Mojo. Use our Christmas Holiday Discount Code BOW to save $75 on MojoDesk, the best standing desk on Earth. Here's how it works. Any purchase $699 or more qualifies to save $75. And FREE SHIPPING.

In December, it's typical to hold out for a larger purchase until after Christmas for some incredible clearance deal. Ridiculous!  At MojoDesk, you should get the best deal before or after.  No games for ordering early. 

If you have been holding out to buy a standing desk to feel better for 2020, pull the trigger now. 

Holiday Discount Code Standing Desk 2019


Where do I enter the promo code BOW to save $75 on your adjustable height desks? 

Enter the code code BOW in the Cart or Checkout. Buy just our standing desk or bundle up with MojoDesk accessories. 

Load up your cart with ergonomic gold and as long as it meets the $699 benchmark.... BAM! Enter the code BOW and you save $75  

Does this include your top rated eSports gaming desk - Mojo Gamer Pro?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  And he's serving up Mojo Gamer Pro, our top reviewed adjustable height standing eSports computer gaming desk.  This beast is bundled with 5 accessories: Monitor arm, CPU Hanger and our magnetic cable management system. It's already discounted at $140 vs. buying everything separately but you can still use the $75 off code.  Add it up.  That is a total of $215 in savings! Math.  

Best eSports Gaming Desk - Show Sitting and Standing Position


Do All Your Adjustable Height Standing Desks Ship Free?

Yes. No checkout trickery. Once you enter your address, a shipping fee won't pop up. At all.  All MojoDesk products ship free. The price in your cart, is the price you pay while completing checkout. 

You say MojoDesk is the best standing desk on Earth. Prove it!

In short, we crush the competition. MojoDesk buries all other sit-stand desks in all categories and throws away the shovel. Of course we are going to say that.. but we prove it. How about some proof. Well, here you go.  Check out our detailed standing desk comparison charts 

I can grab one of those risers elsewhere that sits on my desk for $300. What do you say about that?

Risers are hot garbage. Glorified toys. They are incomparable to a full sit-stand desk. Desktop risers are ergonomically incorrect and made cheaply with limited functionality. Yes, the are certainly less expensive but don't you want something that will last and take your comfort to the next level? They offer only a few height options and have more bounce than a diving board - especially at the higher positions. If you spend a bit more for a full sit-stand desk you will feel better today. Your back and neck will thank you.

Watch our Risers Are Junk video. Spend a minute to learn the differences between MojoDesk vs. ALL desktop risers. 






How long does shipping take? Will I get it by Christmas if I order today?

Most likely - NO. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale exceeded expectations and wiped us out of our frames/bases. We are restocked on 12/20 and with the weekend factored in we would expect you to have them the week after. We ship FedEx Ground. It usually takes a week total but during the holidays it has been rough with our sales volume.   We also make each desk to order at our Denver factory.  Expect your desk in 7-10 business days.  

I'm sold on MojoDesk. Let's do this. 

Smart choice. To shop our MojoDesk product line visit our STORE.  Build your own, choose from cubicle, organic, L-Shape and sit-to-stand desk discounted bundles. 


Executive L Shape Standing Desk

Standing Desk New Year Sale

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